Low Carb Keto Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

keto broccoli and cauliflower salad

This salad has become a family favorite. I first introduced it during a church picnic and it’s now requested often. What’s not to love about a salad that is rich in flavors and gives us the benefits of raw vegetables?  The combination of broccoli and cauliflower go very well together, and if we can throw bacon into the mix? Well, that’s even better.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are a powerhouse for vitamin C and a great source of manganese. Over the years, researchers have also identified a number of substances in cruciferous vegetables that have shown anti-cancer properties like isothiocyanates, and phytochemicals.

I’ve seen versions of this salad floating in the internet. Unfortunately, many are loaded with sugar. Adding sugar just makes no sense to me and just blocks a lot of the great properties in these vegetables.  Which is why a low carb keto version, was in order.

This recipe uses full fat mayonnaise and sour cream. Since going low carb and becoming a fat ketone burner, versus a sugar burner, I’ve learned how to embrace fats. I find that my brain functions so much better using ketones as fuel. Gone are the days of fibro fog, and walking around feeling like my skin was too tight for my body. At my worst I had difficulty recalling my own phone number. Indeed, the struggle was real. Which is why, I am grateful God pointed me to this lifestyle.

Still wondering if going low carb keto makes sense for you? Check out our about page to see our before and after pictures and our page, Why Low Carb for Greater Health and Weight Loss.

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Low Carb Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad



1 cup of full-fat mayonnaise (I use an olive oil based one)

1 cup of full-fat sour cream

4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar)

2 tablespoons of sugar substitute (I use granulated Swerve or stevia)

½ teaspoon of sea salt

½ teaspoon of cracked black pepper


4 cups of chopped raw broccoli florets and stems

4 cups of chopped cauliflower florets and stems

8 or 9 slices of cooked bacon roughly chopped.

½ cup of finely chopped red onion.

¼ cup of walnuts or other favorite low carb nut



In a medium bowl mix all the dressing ingredients making sure it is well combined. Set aside.


In a large mixing bowl combine the chopped cauliflower and broccoli.  Pour the dressing over the vegetables and stir to fully coat. Next fold in the onions, bacon, walnuts.

Store in the refrigerator. This salad keeps well for up to two days when properly stored.

Enjoy in good health!


Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

keto chocolate peanut butter fat bombs

You know what I think? That you can’t have too many fat bomb recipes. Why? Well, because they work. Fat bombs can make eating a low carb keto plan more doable. In my book that’s a good excuse to come up with another fat bomb recipe for you to enjoy.

Why should you even consider adding fat bombs to your diet? Well, in a low carb keto plan you use fat as fuel instead of glucose, sugar. Making sure your healthy fat ratio is higher, helps you be satiated longer. Fat bombs can give you a boost of energy and give your brain the healthy fats it craves.

Now a bit of a warning is in order here. You see adding fat bombs only makes sense if you have reduced your carbs and are doing the low carb keto lifestyle. If you decide to make fat bombs part of your diet without changing your diet, you will end up gaining weight. The problem isn’t the fat, it’s that the bad carbohydrates that causes you to store the fat. Not sure why a low carb keto diet makes sense for greater health and weight loss? Read more about it here.

So, let’s get started, shall we? Today’s little fat bomb recipe includes peanut butter. I know some people do not include peanut butter in their low carb lifestyle, and although I don’t consume it regularly. A little goes along way, when it comes to adding a punch of flavor. You could certainly use a nut butter instead.

I personally love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter together, which is why I felt a little fat bomb with this flavor profile would be just lovely and you know what? It was!

Watch our video for step by step instructions on how to make the low carb chocolate peanut butter fat bombs.

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Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs


½ cup of sugar free peanut butter or nut butter of choice

½ cup of coconut oil

¼  cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 cup of sugar substitute (I used Swerve confectioners)

¼ teaspoon of sea salt


  1. Completely melt peanut butter, coconut oil, and cocoa powder in a double broiler or in a microwave in 30 second intervals, mixing well to combine.
  2. Stir in the sugar substitute and sea salt.
  3. Pour into silicone molds
  4. Freeze until it firms up completely about ½ hour.
  5. Remove from silicone mold and transfer the fat bombs to an airtight container and store in the freezer.

Makes 24 Fat Bombs

1.1 net carbs each

If you enjoy this recipe, please consider sharing.

Low Carb Toasted Coconut Brownie Bites

Keto brownie bitesAm I the only one excited about the new year? Something about tossing an old calendar and opening up a new one that reminds me that we can always begin again. In many ways, last year was great, even if it was wrapped up with challenges and occasional disappointments. Grateful for the grace of God to carry me through the difficult tests that life inevitably brings.

I am learning the value of appreciating life’s blessings in the moment, while they are still occurring. It’s so easy for me to get caught up with what’s not going according to plan in my life, that I sometimes ignore the many things that are. Does anyone else struggle with this?

I for one, will aim to live in the present more this year. I want to celebrate the small accomplishments as I pursue better. I must admit this will not exactly be easy for me and will require lots of prayer for this girl.

More often than I care to admit, I will be in the middle of something and already focusing on what’s next. It’s a terrible habit that I am working to change. Staying focused on the task at hand requires an intentional shift in my way of thinking.

Well, although I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I am a big fan of setting goals. I plan on putting this goal at the top of my list. I want to enjoy the journey not just when I achieve a set goal.

It is now three years since Randy and I decided to make a low carb keto plan a lifestyle and it’s incredible how much our health has improved. Eating this way now comes natural to us, a goal we certainly where aiming for.

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How about you? What great plans are you hoping to accomplish this year? Are you going to make it a point to love the process as much as the successes?

Today, I thought I would share with you a small little low carb treat. A toasted coconut brownie bite, that makes the perfect ending to a meal. Let it be a reminder to focus on the little blessings in life.

Low Carb Toasted Coconut Brownie Bites


2 sticks of softened butter

2 cups of sugar substitute (I use Swerve)

2 eggs

4 ounces cream cheese

2 teaspoons of vanilla

1 cup of almond flour or almond meal

1 cup of coconut flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

½ teaspoon of salt

3/4 cup of unsweetened dark cocoa powder

1 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes toasted


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

  1. Toast on a skillet the 1 ½ cups of unsweetened coconut flakes until very lightly toasted. Set aside to use as a coating for the brownie bites before placing them in the oven.
  1. In a stand-up mixer beat the softened butter, cream cheese, vanilla and sugar substitute until light and fluffy. Next add the eggs beating after each addition. To this mix  add the flours, baking powder, salt, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Combine well.
  1. Place the batter in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill, and make it easier to form 1 inch balls.
  2. Once the batter has been chilled, roll the dough into 1 inch balls.
  3. Toss the low carb brownie balls into the toasted coconut and place on parchment lined cookie sheet.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes.
  5. Allow to cool before serving.

This recipe makes 3 1/2 dozens, 1 inch brownie bites.

2 grams of carbs per low carb brownie bite



5 Minute Keto Skillet Pizza

Ok it’s confession time. I must admit that pizza is sometimes missed by this girl. However, when your body reacts so badly to the gluten in the crust, it’s not worth the major setback. There are just some foods that my lips can’t even taste anymore and sadly pizza is one of them.

I already have a low carb pizza recipe up on the blog that is quite yummy, you can snag it here. But I must say one of the reasons we gravitate towards pizza is the convenience it offers. Which is why a 5 minute keto pizza suits me just fine.

I feel like skillet pizza is a basic staple in the Low Carb Keto community, which is why I had not posted a recipe. Then I thought about how many people are just starting their keto journey and need recipes just like this one. So today, I thought I would invite you into my kitchen to see just how quickly you can make a keto skillet pizza at home.

Many of you have requested videos of me creating my recipes and so I wanted to end the year with a quick little video as a way of thanking you all. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and it’s my hope and prayer that my blog will encourage you in your journey to be whole in spirit, mind and body.

One of my goals for 2017 is to create more of these types of videos. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed as we continue to grow and learn.

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Low Carb Lemon Pound Cake

Low carb keto lemon cake

Isn’t it amazing how we tend to associate certain foods with loved ones who have touched our lives? I believe the holidays can especially bring back a flood of memories that tie us to friends and family. Lemon pound cake always reminds me of my sister-in-law’s mom, Regla, who was taken from the family way too soon. Regla’s love of the kitchen is certainly missed during the holidays.

My original lemon pound cake had loads of sugar and therefore no longer makes an appearance at family gatherings. I had been toying with the idea of giving this beloved recipe a makeover. I really wanted to bring it back for my family to enjoy and Christmas seemed like the appropriate time to do so.

The former recipe was made moist by pouring a lemon simple syrup to the cake after it was baked and fully cooled. This healthier low carb version gets its delicious lemon flavor by adding the lemon juice to the batter before it’s baked.

I can’t wait to share this recipe with you and my family. Creating foods that remind of us of our loved ones is a way to continue to honor their memory.

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Low Carb Lemon Pound Cake


1  8 ounce package of cream cheese softened

1  stick of butter (1/2 cup) softened

8  whole eggs

2  cups of sugar substitute ( I use Swerve)

2 ½ cups of finely ground almond flour

½  cup of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of lemon extract

¼ teaspoon of freshly grated lemon rind

¼ teaspoon of salt

1 ½ tablespoons of baking powder

Optional Topping:

¼ cup of Swerve Confectioner’s Sugar


Pre-heat oven 350 degrees

In a large standup mixer add the cream cheese, butter and beat on high until light and fluffy. To this add the sugar substitute and combine well. Add the 8 eggs one at a time, making sure that it is fully incorporated. Next stir in the almond flour, salt, baking powder, lemon rind and mix well. Lastly, add the lemon juice and beat until the batter is fully mixed. Pour cake batter into two 8-inch loaf pans or one large 12 inch cake pan. (I used a spring-form pan to bake mine)

Bake for 45 minutes or until an inserted tooth pick comes out clear. Dust the fully cooled cake with Swerve confectioners’ sugar.

13 Low Carb Holiday Hacks

low carb tips for the holidays

By the time December rolls around we are in full holiday mode, and if not careful we can lose track of our health goals we have worked on all year. Today,  I am sharing some of my favorite tips to assist you during this season.

  1. Keep Your Mindset Right

The holidays are only a few days a year. Don’t blow all your hard work because of a couple of days. Keep your head in the game and don’t get off track because of a holiday fare.

  1. Visualize

There are two reasons why we typically give into holiday food temptations.

  1. Hard to pass up seasonal foods. 2. Not wanting to risk offending someone by refusing their food offering. By thinking ahead, you have the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and be ready to face temptation.
  2. Eat Before

Having a small meal before the event is a tried and true strategy to help you stay focused. Going hungry to a party only sets you up to fail. Learn to accept the compliments you receive at the party. Comments like, “you really look great”, can help keep your hands and eyes off all the food that will try to trip you up. Remember you’re setting an example by abstaining from sugary treats or over-indulging. Even if you aren’t aware of it yet, others are watching.

  1. Have A Ready Answer

When questioned why you made the decision to eat a low carb diet, have an answer ready. Rehearse in advance your reason for your lifestyle choice. Answers like, “I am choosing to stay on plan because it works for me and it’s helping me get healthy,” can help people understand that you are not saying no to them but to the foods that have the potential to get you off plan.

  1. Drink More Water

Now’s not the time to cut back on your water consumption. Staying hydrated not only flushes toxins from your body, it keeps the cravings at bay. In fact, drinking a little more water during the holidays is great way to stay on track.

  1. Exercise More

During the holiday season try to squeeze in extra workouts. Why not start a new tradition and go for a walk or another activity after the holiday meal!

  1. Load Up on Vegetables

During holiday parties, go for the dip and vegetable platter first. Chances are these dips are low in carbs and they will keep you satiated longer.

  1. Bring Something

Host the party or be a gracious guest. As a host, you are in charge of what is served by having lots of low carb options. If you’re a guest,

take a healthy low carb option to share. It gives you an opportunity to educate others on your lifestyle and assures you have something you can eat.

  1. Don’t Fall for The Trap

“But it’s just one bite”, has caused many to fail. It is important to note that people who can pass the test of “just one bite”, are few and far between. Remind yourself why you started this journey, don’t risk your progress with a bite that can spiral you out of control.

  1. Ace the Test

You may pass the meal test but lingering at the table when the sweets are passed around, may prove to be too great! Even a small piece of dessert can cause your sugar cravings to soar. If you choose to stay at the table, sip on coffee or tea or have a few berries with whipped cream. During this season when temptations abound, prepare to have low carb treats at the ready to assist you.

  1. Indulge

Wait what??? By indulge I mean, eat more of what is permitted on plan. Have more protein, more low carb vegetables. Having more of what’s on plan will help you not feel deprived. The extra low carb friendly food will help you stay full longer and less likely to fall for the high carb options that surround you during this time of year. So, go ahead and indulge a little!

  1. Treat Yourself

The holidays are meant to be special but special does not have to equate with food. Honor your need to be a little decadent in ways other ways. Treat yourself to something that brings you a lasting memory and not regret.

Don’t use food as a reward. Gift yourself with an experience i.e., a movie, play, perfume etc.

  1. Don’t Keep the Left-Overs!

Don’t be caught with a fridge full of temptations. As the host make sure you share the leftovers with your guests. If you are offered leftovers at a party, kindly pass up the option. Remember out of site out of mind!

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Spicy Low Carb Gingerbread Cookies

low carb gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies have always been my favorite holiday cookie. In fact, I am pretty certain that my enthusiasm is what made my children fall in love with them too. How else can you explain a child loving a spiced cookie? Something about the fragrance of ginger and cinnamon always put our family in the Christmas mood.  Early in December these cookies would always make an appearance, it was my way of signaling that it was time to celebrate the birth of our savior.

Only problem with this lovely tradition, is that once I went low carb I could no longer enjoy my favorite cookie. I can’t lie, I really missed my gingerbread cookies and was pretty sad to let them go.  However, with a few good years under my belt baking low carb, I now felt confident that I could come up with a healthy, delicious alternative.

I am happy to report that this tradition is safely back in our lives. This recipe turned out exactly how I had hoped, which means it’s an early Christmas gift for this girl. The recipe produced a firm cookie, important because I hate when the gingerbread heads get loped off when put into a cookie jar. It’s also packed full of flavor, with a hefty dose of spices, just the way we like them. Not as brave as us? Then reduce the spices to your liking.

I added a tablespoon of psyllium powder to the mix to help the cookie firm up and one tablespoon of molasses as a flavor enhancer. The molasses adds a negligible amount of carbs to the entire batch. You can choose to leave out this addition if you can’t afford the extra carbs.

Consider this little recipe a Christmas gift from us!

Low Carb Gingerbread Cookies

Ingredients for cookie dough:

3 cups almond flour

2 cup sugar substitute (I use Swerve)

1 tablespoon of molasses (optional)

3 tablespoons of ginger powder

4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder

¼ teaspoon of salt

¼ teaspoon of clove

½  teaspoon of nutmeg

¼ teaspoon of black pepper (optional)

3 whole eggs

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

¼ cup softened butter

Ingredients for low carb icing:

¼ cup of Swerve confectioners

1 tablespoon of water or heavy whipping cream

Mix together and apply with a toothpick or pastry bag to fully cooked cookies.


Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees

In a large stand-up mixer beat the sugar substitute, butter, molasses, vanilla extract and eggs together until fully incorporated. Next add all the dry spices. Once fully combined add the almond flour, psyllium powder, baking powder and salt to the mix and beat well.

Spread the low carb gingerbread dough between two parchment paper and use a rolling pin to flatten the dough. Once the dough is flat place it in the fridge for ½ hour to firm up and make it easier to use the cookie cutters.

Place cookie cutouts on a large baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 325 degrees for 10-15 minutes until cookie is lightly firm to the touch.

Allow the cookies to fully cool before icing them.

Enjoy in good health!

This recipe makes 2 dozen cookies at 3.2 grams of carbs each.

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