Low Carb LCHF is Healthy Eating!

Low Carb is Healthy Eating!

I started to eat low carb as a way to regain my health and to combat the aches and pains of fibromyalgia and recovering from Guillan Barre. Those who are familiar with these dreaded diseases know that fatigue and pain go hand in hand with them. I noticed that as I changed over my diet I was surprised to see how well my body responded.

I know people who struggle with binge and or emotional eating have found that abstaining from bad carbs and staying on a low carb program has kept them from going on food binges. Very similar to alcoholics stay away from alcohol. It is believed that some individuals are just more sensitive to carbs and its addictive attraction. Also, in people like myself our bodies may be overreacting to the bad carbs which is why when I abstain from them my fibromyalgia symptoms became much more manageable.

For me is has become a way of life and a lifestyle I now enjoy helping others understand. I have seen how this has allowed my husband lose over 30 lbs. and eliminate his diabetic and high blood pressure medications. He has regained his health in a very painless way.

I am happy to report that we are no longer alone in this journey. Since we started this way of life many have started to ask if we would assist them and we have gladly done so. Fit to Serve a women’s cell group from our Church Word of Faith Global Ministries was birthed out of the desire to help women be strong in their bodies, soul and spirit.

It’s our hope that more people will understand the importance of taking better care of their bodies and that they can do this with the right tools.


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