Plan for success! How to Low Carb LCHF

Oh the genius of meal planning! I think one of the best things we can do when we are trying to eat healthy is to take the time to plan out our meals.

When we take the time to plan out our meals we make certain we have the right balance of protein, fats, and carbs. Why is this important? Well, when eating a low carb plan you need to track how many carbs you are having for the day. So if you eat something for breakfast that has say more carbs then your allowance you know that for the rest of the day you need to be extra strict.

When we plan our meals with meal plans however, it prevents those moments of just grabbing the first thing in sight and blowing our plan. Planning helps me make the best choices. When I have a plan I know exactly what to do when I get hungry. What to grab for a snack or what’s on the menu for the day. In other words, it prevents mindless eating. You know the kind you do eating standing up in front of the kitchen counter while cooking and somehow we think that does not count. lol, guilty! or in front of the T.V. and we allow our mind to go to puddle.

The other benefit of planning is that it helps me use leftovers wisely. For example, I will intentionally roast two whole chickens at a time for dinner that night and use the other for the next day for leftovers. This is more cost effective and saves me time in the kitchen. Planning can also help with overeating similar to how people log what they eat in a food diary. If you stick to your meal plan you know you will be safe from temptation.

When you first start doing meal menus my suggestion is to keep it simple. The last thing you want to do is some elaborate menu that you and I both know once you come home tired you are not going to attempt.   If you are doing a low carb option go to the Atkins website and get the food list. Make sure you include two snacks a day on your plan. You can also go to pintrest and find many wonderful recipes, many sites even offer free meal plans. Use these as a guide, knowing you could always substitute an item or two within reason.

I plan so I can succeed and make these choices a lifestyle.


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