Lazy Gal’s Low Carb LCHF Wings

true wings

Allow me to explain, my husband really loves wings. I am talking about he can down 30 wings in one full sweep if not monitored. So when we started eating low carb and I told him he could have wings, well needless to say he was sold.

The problem however, is that although I like me some wings, I am bit of pain if they are not cooked perfectly. This has been a point of contention when it comes to Randy saying “how about some wings tonight”? You see he is not nearly as picky and I have yet to see him pass up a wing, no matter how pathetic they may be. I have already banned several places from our go to list because they were so crummy.

Here in lies the other problem, we like our wings spicy hot and sweet. That can spell disaster on a low carb plan. The spice is not a problem but all that sugar for sure can kick you out of ketosis. Not to mention that I absolutely can’t stand a soggy wing, no matter how good the sauce is. If the thing ends up being a gummy mess, it’s a pass for me.

So I have been on a quest to make low carb wings. Now understand that made traditionally, these things are a chore. You have to split the wings, fry the wings, plus sauce them. You know what that means? A lot of work, and a greasy messy kitchen. I pass, thank you very much.

This recipe is my attempt to make a low carb easy peasy version. First, I did not bother to split the wings, after all these were not for company or anything. I figured we could split them ourselves and be just fine. I also opted to bake them on parchment paper. This was a genius idea, because they did not stick even after they were sauced.

Now for the sauce. I wanted something hot and sweet and I knew I could achieve it easily with the ingredients on hand. The result was an incredible wing recipe. How do I know this is a winner? Not because my hubby loved them, remember he would have been content with any ole wing. No, because our teenage son could not stop raving about them being the “best wings ever” and begged to make them more often. Understand that boy is the pickiest kid on the planet and if it passes the Matthew test, well I must have done something right.



1 large pkg. of fresh wings. (about 14 full wings, attached)

1 stick of softened, unsalted butter

3 tbls. of tabasco or tabasco like sauce

3 tbls. of another chipotle, hot sauce that has a smoky flavor to it. I used ( Bull snort, Texas tongue torch) but any chipotle style sauce would work

1 cup of swerve or other sugar substitute


Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Spread the wings on a cookie sheet that’s covered with parchment paper. It is important that they do not overlap so that they can cook properly. Cook the wings until done and the skins are nice and crispy. Meanwhile, combine the softened butter, the hot sauces and the swerve sugar substitute. Once the wings are cooked, pour the sauce over the wings and then place them on broil on high until lightly brown. Take off parchment paper, which will be a breeze, serve and enjoy!



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