Cook a Whole Roasted Chicken in Slow Cooker


Cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker makes the most juicy, tender, roasted chicken. That’s just one benefit about making it in a slow cooker. Another is that it will save you time and energy. This is especially convenient for those who work outside the home. I personally like cooking mine overnight. I place the whole chicken in the pot and on low. In the morning you wake up to a wonderful cooked meal.

Because the chicken is encased in this one pot and sealed for hours, it cooks in it’s own juice. The chicken will literally fall of the bone once ready.


One whole chicken that fits comfortably in your slow cooker

Seasonings ( I used powdered jerk chicken spice)


Season well the chicken place in the slower cooker. Set it to high for a minimum of an hour. Then set to low until cooked. Keep at the warm setting until ready to eat.


4 thoughts on “Cook a Whole Roasted Chicken in Slow Cooker

    • fittoservegroup says:

      Happy to hear this recipe will be helpful! No liquid needs to be added, the chicken cooks in its on juices as it roasts slowing using this method. It creates the same style of chicken you can get when its roasted. Very flavorful and juicy. 😉


      • fittoservegroup says:

        The chicken cooks in its own juice no need for liquid.I recommend seasoning it with taco or jerk flavoring since the chicken does not get browned in a cooker. , I cook a whole chicken at least every two weeks, so convenient to do so. 😉


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