The Importance of Planning!

Plan to succeed, the importance of meal planning.

The LCHF Club!

When I first started on the LCHF diet, planning my weekly meals was essential. This ensured that I stayed on track and there was the right kind of food at home, so I never had any excuse to jump off that proverbial wagon.

Fast forward almost a year (5th of April!), and I still plan my weakly meals. Not only does it help us keep on track, but I like the other benefits of planning our meals, such as never buying unnecessary food, not wasting money, and actually being organised enough to try new recipes.

I got my weekly meal planner from a Swedish shop called Kiki K (I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to organisation!) however, you can easily make this your selves:

photo (7)

(You will notice that last week I was in Argentina for a long weekend….I can ensure you I only eat good grass-fed beef, drank…

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