Smashing Myths, Why Ketosis Does Not Harm You


Too often you hear nutrition professionals say that low-carb plans cause ketoacidosis, which has nothing to do with Ketosis. Ketoacidosis is a deadly medical condition that requires emergency attention. However, basic biochemistry knowledge proves that ketosis is not ketoacidosis, so don’t confuse them.

Ketosis happens when you are on low-carb plan, and you’re under 30 carb grams or less a day.  This is what occurs when you switch your body from burning glucose “sugar”, to becoming a fat burner for fuel. This natural state happens when your body isn’t getting bombarded with too many carbs. Your body releases the stored fat which goes to your liver and ketones bodies are formed. These ketone molecules cross your blood-brain barrier and give your brain what it needs, energy. Your body creates this in response to not having enough glucose. This is a very natural state. You cannot confuse it with ketoacidosis which only happens when a diabetic’s sugar is uncontrolled. Ketoacidosis is the process of your body being flooded with glucose and ketone bodies in very large amounts. Without a doubt ketoacidosis is a very dangerous condition. However, it has nothing to do with ketosis what occurs with low carb food plans.

The reality is that being in natural ketosis state is actually quite beneficial. Studies have shown how it is an effective way of dealing with epilepsy. It helps people with cancer because it starves the body from sugar that has been proven to feed the cancer. New studies are coming out on how it is even helping those that suffer from autism. Look up the findings for yourself. Being in this metabolic state is actually good for you.  I personally eat this way to stop inflammation and pain.

Ketosis is one of the best ways to lose weight effectively and easily because one of the benefits is that your appetite decreases. This natural appetite suppresser allows you to stick to this plan effectively, which helps you see results quicker.

Another major advantage to Ketosis is that it preserves lean- body mass.  Instead of glycolysis when your body is burning sugar for fuel.  When in glycolysis you must first deplete your glycogen and your blood-glucose,  before you use fats for energy. This duel catabolism results in both muscle and fat loss, something you always want to avoid. We want to maintain our muscles while losing excess fat.  You can avoid this by achieving ketosis, since in this state your first and primary source of energy is fat. Ketosis allows you to spare your muscles because there is no competition between proteins and fatty acids for energy.  Ketosis uses protein as a secondary energy and your muscle mass is protected.







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