How to Stay on Course When Traveling, Living Low Carb as a Lifetstyle.


When we get out of daily routines it’s easier to get off track. Which is why extra planning is necessary when we travel. There are certainly some things we can do so that bumps in the road do not cause us to become completely derailed.

1) Pack your Snacks

It’s vital to have some basic low carb snacks to help tie you over to your next meal. A sure way to blow your eating plan is to be so hungry that you can’t think clearly. You will end up grabbing the closest thing to ease your hunger pangs. Not being prepared with snacks can send you on a food binge, if not careful. Some good items to pack are nuts. It’s a quick and easy snack.  For my husband packing some pork rinds is a must. Personally, I like to bake snacks ahead of time to take them with me. However, this is not an option if you are flying, since food items must be pre- packaged. This is when we resort to Atkin bars. What I recommend is that you cut these bars into bite sizes, rather than eat a whole serving at once. Some people have found that these bars can slow their weight loss when low carbing. We have not had this problem but then again we rarely eat them. The portability of these bars does make it a good solution when traveling though, and since its only for a few days we indulge.

2) Remembering that Moderation is Key

While a few carby bites may tempt you, it is key to continue to stay as close to course as possible. If you do cave into temptation, don’t fall into the trap that you might as well continue to give in. Having that kind of attitude will make getting back on track when you get home more difficult. To avoid this downfall make sure that most of your eating is on point so that if you eat an off plan treat it does not blow all that you worked so hard on.

4) Speak up

Letting others know that you have made dietary changes can be difficult at first. We don’t want to call undo attention to what we are doing. Plus, not everyone understands the science behind low carb eating. However, not sharing can backfire, especially if you get invited to dinner and they decide to serve something like pasta and no low carb option is available. Sure you can eat ahead of time, but it would be rude to sit at a table of someone who has invited you to dinner and refuse to eat. What’s just as bad is if you indulge and pay a severe consequence afterwards. It’s important that you find your voice and not feel like you have to apologize for it. We never want to be in that position just because we want to please. Its best to just let others know in advance, this avoids hurt feelings etc.  In time people will gladly make provisions for you. I always offer to bring a dish to make it less awkward on the host. While traveling you are more likely to eat out. Here too you must be willing to ask what can be swapped for the carb loaded items. Don’t be afraid to ask if any item can be cooked differently. Most establishments are willing to work with you or make suggestions.

5) Stay Active

Going on vacation is not an excuse for ditching exercise. Make it a point to walk as much as possible. Park the car farther, climb stairs whenever possible. If the hotel has a gym, take advantage of it and try a new routine. Staying active will help offset bad choices if you go off track while traveling.

6) Get Back to Basics

Once you get back home from vacation make sure you are more diligent with your carb counts. Make a resolve to eat even better once home. By taking these measures you will find that taking a trip will not ruin all your hard work. My husband and I managed to stay on course even while on a cruise. He even managed to lose a pound. This was a great accomplishment since in past cruises we would come back home with as much as ten extra pounds.


2 thoughts on “How to Stay on Course When Traveling, Living Low Carb as a Lifetstyle.

    • fittoservegroup says:

      Thank you Debbie! It’s my first time being nominated and I am so very grateful. I love your blog too. Thanks for the encouragement. It means so very much to me. Check out my latest post to see that I decided to participate in the fun!


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