Water it does a body good!

The importance of water cannot be overstressed when trying to lose weight, and aiming for better health. I have to admit that I have never been one of those girls that carries a water jug, wherever she goes.

Frankly, the idea of drinking water all day just did not appeal to me. I just never craved water.  When I understood I had to make this a real habit, I vowed to do things differently.

Interestingly enough, what I have learned is that the more I drink water, the more I find myself reaching for another glass.  I am still not part of the water jug team, but I am now much better about keeping hydrated.

Drinking a tall glass of water first thing in the morning is the best way to start our day. I realize it can’t compete with your cup of coffee, but your body will thank you. Water puts oxygen into our blood, and the blood brings oxygen to our brains. That my friend will wake you, and all your cells up!

Water cleans out our colons, flushes out toxins and removes fat. It relieves water retention, and creates great skin better than any fancy face cream can. For years dieters have been using water to help with weight loss. It may not have a magic wand effect, but it can help with junk food cravings.

Many times we may think we are hungry and it’s just our bodies craving water. Staying hydrated also helps in combating fatigue. When we are not adequately hydrated, our muscles don’t work as well and our performance suffers.

In order for our bodies to operate at optimal level we need a minimum of six to eight glasses of pure water.  The best guide, is to drink half your weight in water ounces.

When on a low carb eating plan, you must be diligent with your water intake. It’s vital to remove all the toxins your body is releasing. Doing so aids in flushing all the fat you are losing.

Understand, that counting your cups of coffee, sodas, tea to your water count, will not be effective. In fact, these actually have the opposite effect by dehydrating us.

Can you believe that the average person only drinks two glasses of water per day? Sadly,  I know that I lived on a lot less than that for years, especially when I was living by the seat of my pants.  I would only drink water when really thirsty.

Today, I do much better and make it a point to drink more water, but I am still not where I want to be. I really want to aim for the half your weight in ounces. I have tried all sorts of things to remind me to drink more including phone apps.

what I find works the best for me is to remember to have a tall glass of water first thing in the morning. It’s like an alarm goes off in my body, and the rest of the day I find myself drinking more water.

The point is to make it a lifelong  habit that can help you on your path to wellness.


24 thoughts on “Water it does a body good!

    • fittoservegroup says:

      Wonderful! So glad to hear. Make sure you have a tall glass of water next to your bedside so that first thing in the morning you drink up. It will prime you pump, so to speak. Let me know if you get the same results. 💞

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  1. ygallinar says:

    I had not been much of a water drinker either but started to be a couple of years back. I also find that it helps with headaches. Just the other day, I started to get a bad one and realized I had not drank enough water. When I started jugging quite a number of ounces, just a few minutes later, the pain was completely gone! Water…it does a body good! LOL

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