Have You Ever Been Told You’re Too Emotional?

There have been times I have been accused of being “too emotional”, that I wear my feelings on my shoulder. Women especially get a bad rap for this. If not careful ,we can beat ourselves up with guilt because of the way we reacted.  What’s worse we may be told that we could have handled ourselves better. That’s when we can really fall into a trap of self- condemnation, wondering if our character is somehow flawed.

It’s very upsetting if we  feel we are not understood. Especially when the tears start flowing because we are angry, after all the last thing we want is to show some perceived weakness. Angry tears in my experience, just show the level of frustration of not being understood. What an unfair burden we place on ourselves during these times, not only are we dealing with whatever made us react, but we heap guilt on top of it because of our emotional response.

Our emotions are designed by God for good reason, after all we were created in His image. There are thousands of scriptures that demonstrate God’s emotions. So what should be our reaction when our emotions are seemingly out of control?  We were created to use them, they can serve as a warning signal that something in us needs attention. I know that in my case many of the times that I seemed too emotional, I had things like forgiveness, anger, even resentment that needed to be dealt with. That’s not easy to admit, but necessary to confront. Getting to the root of the reason brings about freedom . It’s this process that allows God to deal with the issues deep inside us.

Emotions can be positive or negative and both reveal the condition of our hearts. Ignoring our feeling can prove to be a dangerous thing. If we consistently stuff our feelings, it may be reflected in our health. Just like physical pain can serve as a warning sign, our emotions can warn that our spirit needs attention.

Instead of fighting your emotions take the time to examine what’s the root cause for them. Don’t let others minimize your emotions and for goodness sake don’t feel guilty because you use them. Take the time to journal about how you are feeling, and you allow God to inspect your heart. If there is something you need to address in your life, know that God is faithful to walk you through it.

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