Delicious, Easy Breakfast – Egg Casserole with Bacon from the North

Make your mornings smoother by cooking breakfast ahead of time. This wonderful recipe from the Paleo Pastor will make you want to jump out of bed and face your day with a smile!


Well, fall is here!  I am actually a ginormous ball of confusion right now.  On the one hand, it is fall – my favorite season of all time.  I love the crisp air, the crisp apples, the long sleeves and most of all the boots!  On the other hand, with fall comes a much fuller schedule.  Oy.

So, to stay on top of things around here, we cook and bake in batches of BIG things that can be eaten and grazed at over a few days.  One of the easiest things that you can make that will be an easy fix for breakfast as you are running out the door, or even to pack as a dinner if you have to stay late for work is an egg casserole.  Egg casserole is awesome because you can literally throw anything in there that you would like.  This time around I did…

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