When Life Gets Hard

It would be great if I could tell you that life never gets difficult, but I would not be honest with you. The truth is at times life is just plain hard. Most of us at some point of our lives have good reason to throw up our arms and say it’s just too much to handle. Let me just lie down on life, and not get up.

I have been through enough seasons of being in the pit to know that we can come up with a lot of reasons to rationalize why we deserve to stay angry, fearful and downright insecure about the future. We tell ourselves If only they could feel what we are going through? If they were in my shoes for one minute they would agree to give us permission to stay in the pit. However, doing so is just giving Satan permission to send us to an early grave.

I am so grateful for genuine friends who would not allow me to wallow in my pity parties. During a season of intense pain I ended up on morphine patches for almost a year. I was in a deep pit of pain, sorrow and despair. Anyone who would have looked at my circumstances would have agreed that a pity party was in order. Yet, I was surrounded by some amazing people who would literally tell me “ok your five minutes of ranting are over, now stop focusing on the problem and keep living” It was exactly the swift kick I needed, even though at times it was the last thing I wanted to hear. I quickly learned that only a true friend could be that honest, and loving. Loving? Yes, loving. They were trying to get me climb out of the pit and had I not had this type of tough love, perhaps I would not be here today.

Living in community is the only way to truly live. It’s so easy to crawl into our caves when life gets hard but having the support of others to come along side of you and speak truth is key. I love my church and the precious friendships that it has afforded me. Without the support of my family and these amazing people my story would have been tragically different.

Reach out to others, seek out a church that is willing to walk with you through life’s challenges and be grateful for those who are willing to speak the truth even if it hurts.


8 thoughts on “When Life Gets Hard

  1. heartbeatofmiami says:

    Awesome encouraging words for times like these.

    *With a heartfelt gratitude,*

    *Cross Bearer for the Child Bearer,*

    *Martha E. Avila – PresidentHeartbeat of Miami *

    *301 Westward Drive, Miami Springs, FL 33166www.heartbeatofmiami.org 786-525-9510 Cell*

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  2. fittoservegroup says:

    My beautiful friend so grateful that you are one of my go to people when I need to be reminded that life is more than just the problem I may be facing. I love and cherish our friendship proverbs 17:17 😉


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