Why exercising should be part of your everyday life.

For the most part I have always lived an active life and exercise was part of my day. For years it was the only way I prevented a migraine headache. Unfortunately, I had not been able to exercise since my bout with Guillan Barre and chronic sciatica. It was something I missed, because you always feel so energized after a good workout.

Three months ago I began to take baby steps to include exercise into my daily life. When I say baby steps I mean I started walking around my bedroom. This looked super silly but the reality was that even taking walks outside would have been too much and using my treadmill was out of the question too, even at ridiculously slow speeds.  However, I was determined to do something, realizing that it was crucial to get more flexibility and strengthen my muscles.

Today I am able to do a thirty minute workout Monday-Friday, indeed a huge feat for me. Not every day is great, there are days I have to really struggle with stiffness but for the most part it has been a great progress on my way to regain my health completely.

I would encourage you to not get caught up with what others are doing for a workout and instead listen to your body. Why not try walking around your house and work your way from there. You might be shocked by how quickly your body responds.

The key to your reaching your fitness goals it is to be willing to admit you can’t achieve them on your own strength. Ask God to help you on this journey. FittoServe believes that your spiritual health is the secret to getting every area of your life in balance including your fitness program.


5 thoughts on “Why exercising should be part of your everyday life.

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great post! My health issues limit my exercise as well and we’re always taught to just a least move around a little bit and take breaks lol.


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