Support, What Does It Look Like In Your World?

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Briana Gallinar serving up a low carb option during a church fundraiser

What does support look like? In January of this year my husband and I drew a line in the sand, and made a decision to eat healthy for life. We made a covenant with God and decided to take to heart the Bible verse that refers our body’s as the temple of the Holy Spirit,1 Corinthians 3:16. We knew we needed to make some drastic changes and that our strength would come from God first, and then each other.

10 months later we are at our ideal weight and enjoying a greater level of health. Both of us no longer suffer from high blood pressure and Randy is no longer deals with diabetes 2. He has lost over 60 lbs, got rid of cholesterol medication and fatty liver is no longer an issue. Our doctor is very pleased and endorsed this way of eating. Frankly, my hubby looks and feels better than ever. For me it was never about losing a lot of weight in the end I lost twenty pounds. Most people would have never thought I needed to lose any weight to begin with. However, I was borderline diabetic and my blood pressure was hitting all time highs. I may be a bit skinner today but more importantly I am regaining muscles and energy. The best part is that the constant inflammation is so much better, and days of chronic pain are fewer.

So how did we accomplish this? By leaning on our faith, and understanding that it was God’s desire for us to be healthy. We understood we had to be part of the process. Randy and I believe in a God that performs miracles, we have seen our share of some incredible demonstrations of it. However, what we have learned over the years is that when God has a lesson for us to learn, He may not do an immediate work. Instead, He will make it clear that the ball is in our court. We knew this was the case in getting a handle on our health. We would have never learned the value of eating well and would have fallen back to old patterns almost immediately had it been a miraculous act.

What are some of the great things that have come out of this eating the low carb way? Well, besides all the health benefits we now enjoy higher levels of energy. Even our complexion changed, can’t tell you how many times we get the compliment that we look so much younger, a nice perk to say the least. Yet one of the greatest blessings came from the encouragement of our church family. When people kept asking us what we were doing, we had to share our journey and make ourselves available for those who wanted to benefit from it.

As community group pastors at our church we are always looking for ways to do ministry in creative ways. Fit To Serve was birthed as a way to teach this way of eating and encourage people to be fit physically, spiritually and mentally. We meet once a month at our home to support those who desire it. Today, quite a few of our church family have taken advantage of this community group and are reaping the benefits. Many are losing weight and more importantly gaining better health. We support each other and whenever we get together as a church and food is part of the equation. Always making sure a low carb option is available.

When our church did its last youth group walking taco fundraiser, we had to add a low carb option because there was now a need for it. With so many people watching their carbs we could not risk missing out on those sales. The solution was simple, by just replacing the Fritos bag with cheese chips and serving it in a baggy instead.

What has blessed us the most out of this journey is the beautiful support that we offer each other. Life transformation happens so much easier when you do it in community. By sharing our success we have been able to assist others in the quest for better health and frankly nothing is more rewarding than living your life looking for ways to be a blessing to someone.

We encourage you to find a support group, perhaps you will be the one that is going to start it and begin to reap all the benefits that come when you live your life this way. If you live in the South Florida are email me for information in joining our community group

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  1. Love this... I too, have changed my lifestyle and there is nothing that gives you more energy than getting off sugar and chemicals. Best of luck on your lifestyle hereafter. Thank you for reading my blog and liking it.

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