No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey, FitToServe is Here to Support You

It’s kind of become official, Randy and I have become the carb police, not exactly what we ever aspired. Because we attend a church that is very close and who we consider family, its kind of funny how this role fell on our lap. When I started this community group I never, ever intended to make anyone feel guilty or worse like they were failing in someway because they did not eat the way my hubby and I now do. Quite the contrary, we did so because the changes in our health became so evident that people kept asking if we would share.

The whole idea behind FittoServe is to be healthy in three vital areas, in body, spirit, mind.  We understand the importance to take of ourselves firsthand, because for years we did not do a very effective job, and suffered the consequences. Following the FittoServe way is a journey on being healthy in every area of your life, it’s not a diet. However, there is definitely a learning curb for people to get the true vision of this Community Group/Blog. What we sometimes find is that a person is not overweight they don’t see the need for a group like ours in their lives, but they are missing the bigger picture. I for one was never overweight, yet I was terribly ill and these life changes have made a huge impact on my health. Yes, my husband lost weight, over 55 lbs. but more importantly he no longer has diabetes, fatty liver and high blood pressure. In fact just yesterday our primary doctor was shocked to see that his blood pressure was 116/70! Considering he no longer takes any meds, this is huge.

Inevitably, when you get a close group of people like our church together food somehow always surrounds us. Which means there is usually some “illegal foods” around. It’s hilarious to  Randy and I how people will come up to us and feel the need to confess.  All of a sudden they feel the need to explain why they have to have this piece of cake, or whatever… We always remind them that it’s there choice, that we are not the carb police. However, it always becomes a teaching moment when they ask for our assistance. Only those who have asked for us to keep them accountable do we lovingly nudge them to make a different choice. Our church has been wonderful about accommodating this growing crowd of low-carbers. During our Pastor Appreciation Picinic we quickly noticed that a lot of people where eating their burgers and hotdogs without bread. So when we recently did a turkey tournament, another church picnic our pastors made sure to have way more meat. It’s these things that endear my heart.

We always let people know that every step in the right direction has some positive change. Just becoming more aware is a great first step. What I want everyone to understand is that eating this way must be a personal decision and that it will look a little different to everyone. For us cheating is not a good option, in the end being healthy just taste and feels better. It’s not worth the headache of trying to get back on track. But, we want everyone to know that even if you are just more aware of what you are eating and you begin to read those food labels differently, you have made some progress. Even if you cheated on a meal, don’t toss all your work make your next and subsequently meals better choices.

Just about everyday we are encouraged to hear about someone who has started to cut down on carbs and reap the benefits. In the end those who choose  not to cheat will reap faster benefits but everyone has to do what they feel led to do. What must be made clear is that unless you truly commit you wont truly see lasting change. It can’t be a sprint to health, its a lifestyle. If you do not follow our blog via email don’t be intimidated know that we are here to support  you all, no matter what that looks like in your life.


One thought on “No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey, FitToServe is Here to Support You

  1. deborahcrocker says:

    Did your husband just cut out carbs and that helped with his diabetes.? My hubby has diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. and overweight.

    I have lost 68 pounds just doing what God told me to do- eat three meals, no more, cut your food in half. Thank you Lord for my answer.

    But Hubby has cut back some due to watching me. But he snacks late night, and says, “I don’t eat that much, don’t know why my blood sugar is high.” There has been times when he ate a lot, knew it, and then the next day. “You see why I’m frustrated, I ate a lot & I don’t know why my blood sugar is lower. ”
    He also tells me that you can’t cure diabetes by diet/ losing weight. Once diagnosed, always diagnosed.
    So when you said husband got off meds, I was interested. Please share more info about this. I feel guilty due to my success, health, and his continued struggles.


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