Have Yourself A Stress less Little Christmas…


 Christmas Gingerbread Party December 2013, sharing our family tradition with others.


The Holidays are a great time to try to catch up with friends and loved ones, however, you will have to take some conscious steps to make sure you don’t over extend yourself. Otherwise, you will find yourself wanting the season to just pass and forget to live in the moment.

FittoServe has a few great tips to keep help you enjoy this time of year and make some lasting memories.

  1. Choose which invitations you will accept. The reality is that you will not be able to attend all the Christmas/Holiday parties you have been asked  to. You are better off accepting a few and making sure you are fully present at the function. Don’t stretch yourself thin by overcommitting. Showing up for only a few moments to make an appearance is not the answer, not only will you feel stressed and guilt ridden, but it’s a disservice to the host who has worked so hard in making everything just right for all the guests. It’s in bad taste to leave too early, better not to attend then to attempt to be at two places at once.
  2. Don’t fall for the fantasy trap. There is something about this time of year that makes people especially women, try to create a “perfect” holiday experience. If you set yourself for this you will find yourself frustrated and disappointed. Focus on a few memorable traditions and allow them to take certain stage. The last thing you want to create for your family is the memory that this is the time of year mom goes a little nuts trying to make everything perfect.
  3. Include your loved ones in the process, bake cookies together, do crafts together. Doing everything by yourself defeats the purpose of memories. When my children were younger we always did gingerbread houses and decorated cookies. Now, we continue this tradition by passing on the experience to others.
  4. Focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I did few things to make it fun for my children, using things like Santa Mouse, the old school version of the little elf that shows up everywhere. I would dip their father’s work boots in flour and track them across the floor, giving the appearance of snow, a big miracle considering we live in South Florida. Till this day my children talk about how both Santa and Santa mouse would eat the cookies and milk that was left out for them and the thrill of the “snow tracks” However, they also understood clearly that Christmas was truly about celebrating the birth of Jesus. I personally believe you can do both successfully. In the end you need to decide what’s best for your family and stick with it.
  5. The Holiday season is not an excuse to go into debt. It is crucial that you create a budget and stick with it. Some years you will be able to give more and add more people to your list, while other years the list will need to be small. Focus on each other and not the gift giving. My children are now twenty-two and sixteen and neither remembers the holidays based on what they received. Instead, it’s the time they shared with the family, the fun in the kitchen, along with the Christmas plays at church.

This year make your Christmas traditions less stressful by not overcommitting. Embrace those that are part of your life and remember to give to those less fortunate.

Ladies, our FittoServe’s Christmas party is December 17th at 7:30 pm. Mark your calendars and make every effort to attend, we have so much to celebrate!


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