Happy Birthday To The Best Mommy In The World!

Today is my mami’s Birthday and what I have to say about her is long overdue… I am blessed with wonderful parents, they raised this girl as best they could. However, anyone who has the honor to have this queen in their lives knows that I am not kidding when I say Mom is a walking angel. I know, I know you feel the same way about yours, but bare with me today is her day and I just want her to know just how much she inspires me.

Every morning I wake up and when the slightest think bugs me I tell myself, Hilda, you really need a ways to go to measure up to your mom. You see she is probably the most patient person I know and has a heart of Gold. Its hard to fill these shoes but I do try to model as best I can.

The truth is I am a lot like my dad, he has a heart big enough to hold the ocean, but with very little patience for nonsense. Which means at times we are not the easiest people to live with. It is amazing to me how much of our parents we carry with us. I love this man and truth be told he has always pushed me to be better.


Just recently I was telling my daughter how growing up my sister and I Lisa were always teasing my mom that she had everything in that purse of hers. Mom could not be within earshot and hear that anyone needed anything.  She would open that bag of tricks and poof there it was, no matter how crazy the request was.  When I became a mom  I quickly realized I was guilty of the same. So was it a shock that my daughter Michelle at 22 has this gene too? During her last trip home for Thanksgiving she opened her bag and whipped out sewing kits, bandaids, snacks and of course a good lipstick. We just laughed as we realized we had become just like me mom her abuela. Oh and don’t let me get started on her knack to know exactly what you need when you need it. Her little care packages are just insane. I am convinced she must be praying for direction, because she always gets it right. Lord I want to be like that, something to aspire to for sure.

The truth is she really is an example of poise, elegance and strength. So today I want to honor her. Let her know how much I love her and admire her courage to face life challenges.

Thank you mami for loving unconditionally and being an example of a Proverbs 31 woman!



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  1. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing. It put a smile on my face.
  2. Happy Birthday to your Mammmmi Big Sis ❤️💋💗🙊💋💗🙊💋🙊 xoxo

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