Looking For A New You For The New Year?

Ah, the holidays…famous for extremes of indulgence and fun. Now that the season is over, how do you get back on track for a healthy 2015? Start with the right resolutions.

It’s that time of year when we pledge to make changes in our life. However, how many of us can admit that we didn’t accomplished everything on last year’s list?  The truth is too many times the changes we are hoping for are unrealistic, which sets us up to fail from the get go.  So how do we avoid making last year’s mistake! For one vow to do your homework. For example,  if your planning to change your eating habits, learn all you can about your new plan before you embark. Don’t wait till the day of to frantically try to gather all your information.

I thought I would share ten resolutions that will change your life and bring you greater health in 2015. Aim to be stronger physically, mentally and spiritually in the New Year!

                               10 Life Changing New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Ditch the sweets. Cut out the sugar from your diet…

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