Stocking your low carb kitchen easily

Start your low carb week right by stocking your kitchen properly!


When you first start a low carb plan one of the first things you need to be willing to do is clean out your pantry and frankly overhaul your fridge. To avoid the dreaded, “I don’t know what to eat” or worse have you reaching for forbidden food. So where do you start? First, let’s get rid of all the junk food. Your going to have to take a deep breath and be fierce here. Start with the obvious candy and packaged snacks and then move to other processed foods. Why?  Because most of these are loaded with hidden sugar, which translates into bad carbs. No need to feel guilty if you have lots of food, the local food bank or charities will welcome your donations.

Now for the fun part, restocking. On a low carb plan you will be eating more fresh produce and other perishable foods. So you need to…

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