Is Lifestyle Disease reversible ?

Today I want to share with you an amazing article and video posted by LCHF4health. You can do something about your health one right decision at a time.


Let’s talk about Diabetes T2

With a life partner also in the medical field barely a night goes by that we do not end up discussing healthcare at the dinner table.

Talking shop after hours is usually the last thing many people want to do but working with sick people often weighs heavily on us, particularly when the diseases we are confronted with most are what we call “Lifestyle “diseases.

Lifestyle disease pertains to the group of diseases associated with the way people live.  These are diseases that potentially can be prevented by changes in diet, environment and lifestyle. Diseases like obesity (yes, it’s a metabolic disease) cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes to name a few.

'I am now legally obliged to offer counselling with your purchases!'

What I find increasingly distressing about these diseases is that the majority of people who have them are not aware of how they got them and certainly not aware that in many instances…

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