Why I Celebrate Easter, Understanding the Power of Resurrection!

For some people it may be difficult to understand why Resurrection Sunday, Easter holds so much value to Christianity. The truth is that as a believer we should be living our lives in the victory of His resurrection.

What does that look like in today’s world? It means that we have divine power that we can apply to any everyday situation we may face. When we truly get a revelation of why Jesus rose from the dead, we will position ourselves for victory. This of course includes victory when it comes to our eating habits too.

Jesus conquered death, the grave and even hell so that we can be more than overcomers Romans 8:37, not just to secure our place in heaven once we leave this life, but for our daily lives. No obstacle or test is too difficult, in fact the Bible teaches us that once we make Jesus our Lord His Holy Spirit resides in us and the very power that raised Christ from the dead is now available to us Romans 8:11. That is exciting new! News, that allows me to face the world boldly.

I can attest to that resurrection power over and over, in the ordinary daily strength needed, to those moments when my world was seemingly falling apart. I have seen the grace of God manifested so many times that to deny it would take more faith.

Today, if you find yourself overwhelmed by life, I encourage you to surrender to Christ and allow Him to become the Lord of your life. For further information on how to make this life changing decision visit Word of Faith Global Ministries and listen to our church service messages and/or  our Almost to Good to be true page 

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  1. Great Post Hilda! Amen! Can't wait to celebrate our Lord this Sunday! He is good all the time and we are forgiven because of his blood! 😊
  2. Great message on the miracle of the Resurrection. Thank you for sharing!

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