Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush! The Power of This Super Berry!

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Its spring and my mulberry trees are in full bloom! If you have never had a mulberry, I would describe it as cross between a juicy blackberry and a blueberry.  Now mind you, one of our mulberry trees is quite large, I am talking over 60 feet tall large, and do you know what that means? Well, that it’s a haven for all sorts of beautiful birds that come every year to feast on the top branches that we can’t reach anyway.

I imagine that the mocking birds, orioles and blue jays get just as excited when our berries start to ripen. Some people consider the mulberry tree to be a bit of a nuisance because these berries when they drop to the ground can stain. Blah,blah,blah, I get it. However, my yard is a bit on the wild side and frankly I kind of like the fact that any and all the fruits that grow in it do so without any pesticides or fertilizers. Which translates into the fact that my grass is well, not the greenest. It is the price however I am willing to pay to have a truly organic garden.

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These are just a few of the benefits of mulberries, so understand why you need to take advantage of this berry in its season.

  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Has Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Can Help Lower Blood Pressure
  • Can Helps With Memory
  • High in Fiber Helps With Constipation
  • Has a Calming Effect on Nerves
  • Can Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Has Anti-aging Properties
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Can Prevent Heart Disease
  • Has High Levels of Potassium
  • Has High Levels of Proanthocyanidins (protects against free-radicals)
  • Is Rich in B Complex
  • Is Rich in Vitamin K
  • Can Protect Against Cancer
  • Can Cleanse the Blood
  • Can Cleanse and Supports the Liver
  • Can Strengthen Eyesight
  • Can Help with Neurological Diseases
  • Is High in Vitamin C
  • Is a Free Radical Scavenger
  • Is High in Iron
  • Is High in Both Manganese & Magnesium

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