When The Eagle Stirs The Nest!

What happens when the comfortable, the familiar gets uncomfortable?  Have you studied the process of how a mother eagle prepares her nest before she gives birth? The effort she goes through to make it comfortable for her eaglets? If not it may shock you to see what she then does when the time comes for those eaglets to leave the nest. You see she does everything possible to stir up the very comfortable nest she had worked on for so long. Why? In an effort to push her children to their next level.

It’s easy to see why God uses the eagle in His word countless times to teach us how to grow. Deuteronomy 32:11 like an eagle that stirs up her nest, hovers over her young, spreads out her wings, takes them and carries them as she flies.

There are real dangers when we get too comfortable in our nest, in the growth season we are in. As humans we are creatures of habit and if not careful even the dysfunctional, because it’s familiar becomes a place we are willing to just sit and nest in.

When we choose to follow God it means we must be willing to not rest in our nests when we outgrow it. You cannot stay where you started. If you examine your relationship with Christ and it still looks like it did when you first began, there is something wrong. We must be stirred up, what’s, more we cannot attach ourselves to people who are comfortable where they are at. Those who were created to do more but are comfortable in their nest, or should I say mess.

When a mother eagle creates her nest she makes it very comfortable for her eaglets but the moment their wings start to grow she begins the painful process of stirring up the nest so that her children will look around and what they thought was a cushy place now feels painfully uncomfortable. The very nest begins to poke them. They begin to ask themselves “If I stay in this nest I will never be what I was created to be, I must get out of this nest.” The Lord does the very same thing with us. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that it is Satan and his co-horts that are responsible for our discomfort. Oh, but how wrong we are, for It’s actually God himself stirring our nest to help us rise to the next level. The level where we will not just exist but thrive.

No doubt it is a season of discomfort, where our limitations are challenged. When we begin to realize how limited the nest we have been in actually is. If you don’t want disruption don’t get good teaching. The moment we get the true message of God’s word, untainted by man’s point of view, we realize just how small we have been thinking. Good teaching will ruffle your thinking and get you to the place of longing true freedom, not to get comfortable in your nest. Because a nest that has been stirred up by God is no longer neat and tidy. Instead, it’s a mess and it’s meant to be this way to force us to peek outside the nest and realize there is so much more for us. It is this very discomfort that causes us to fly.

The question is do you have enough wing to fly out of the nest? We need to get the attitude that says “I have got to get out of here!” “I have to get my life, mind, and body ready, I can no longer live the way I did”, “I must evolve and I am running out of time.” The worse thing we can do is keep telling ourselves “I am supposed to stay here, it’s what I have always known.” When in fact we were only meant to start there.

So stop blaming Satan, it was the Lord Himself that has stirred your nest! Your potential is too big to be housed in something so small. The world out there is bigger than the world inside the nest. What started as a place of protection becomes a prison when we overstay our time in the place we were only meant to be when we first began. Our desire to stay comfortable in our nest keeps us from growing. This limited thinking will put us in a place to be an easy prey.

The first thing that happens is we get a new mind. Our renewed mind pushes us to realize that the nest is not as comfortable or as pretty as it used to be. Instead, here we realize we are sitting letting life pass us by. We can no longer rest in it. What used to please us, no longer does. We need to keep telling ourselves, “I have to climb out of the nest”.“I will change the way I speak to people, the way I react when confronted with challenges.” The way I speak to the problem itself! “I may not be where I want to be yet, but my wings are growing, and I can no longer stay in this nest”. When we decide to come out we may get cut, bruised even hurt in the process. But we must get out, or we will die in the comfort of the nest.

We must be transformed by God and get out of the nest and stop playing it safe, it’s time to fly. What’s wonderful is this passage of scripture reminds us that when the time comes, God does not leave us to do this on our own. No, just like the mother eagle pushes them out and then swoops them back on her wings. The Lord like the mother eagle, teaches us to fly in this new expansive level.

So embrace this season of growth. Stretch your wings wide and take the leap knowing you have a God that will swoop you up and teach you how to soar above the storms.

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