How Does Support Look Like In Your World?

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As community group pastors at Word of Faith Global Ministries, Randy and I have seen the importance of support firsthand. In today’s world it seems people are always on the run with a hose in tow trying to turn off yet another fire. Perhaps it’s just me, but life just feels like it has been accelerated, and the 24 hours we all have sometimes falls terribly short.

Which only stresses the importance to be surrounded by a positive community of people to help you confront the challenges that are bound to come. As I look back on my health journey, I know I would not have survived had God not placed so many amazing people in my corner constantly. They were always speaking life in a lifeless situation, and when I needed it the most. They never let me give up even when I was tired of feeling sick, fed up with the chronic pain and surrendering to it all would have been the easier route.

Today, I feel indebted to my family and friends who stood with me always believing that this too would pass. Fittoserve was birthed out of a desire to share the many lessons learned along the way and to be a support system to those who need encouragement.

I have been asked several times why I am willing to open my home to create this community, and at no cost. All I can say is that it is very rewarding to see how lives are transformed. The ladies walk in obviously exhausted by their daily schedule and almost immediately begin to decompress. We laugh together, and cry with each other when necessary too. Living in community means more than just low level chit-chat. It is an opportunity to be vulnerable and allow deep inner healing to take place. Although, the ladies are always grateful by what we do by opening our home. I am the one that feels blessed to be able to facilitate this. By the end of the evening I go to sleep with a wide smile, praising God for the honor to serve.

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Yesterday, was Fittoserve’s monthly meeting and we made it a Cinco de Mayo Spa day. The ladies had a nail polish station and they were encouraged to bring their own. At one point it looked like we had over 100 polishes. It was so much fun seeing the ladies give each other a manicure, and I must say they all looked amazing!

However, the highlight of the evening besides my now “famous Chili” LOL, was the coMra spa therapy. Dania Hevia one of our Fittoserve members taught us on the importance of this non-invasive treatment. She allowed us each to get a facial and some of us got treated for minor aches and pains.

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If you’re not familiar with coMra therapy it is a unique therapy that combines infrared laser, magnetic field, ultrasound, and color LEDs. It is all applied using a Radiant Life Technologies Delta series laser.

What’s so special about this therapy? Well, it works on a cellular level and it helps stimulate the immune and regenerative functions of the human body. It addresses both the local diseased area and it sends light-induced of chemical messengers and modulation to the nervous system.

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I know that sounds like a mouthful, but the best part is that it’s extremely safe and a great holistic way of treating our bodies without the side effects of medications.

If you are interested in more information regarding coMra-Therapy visit her website and email her at

Please note that I have not been compensated in any way to highlight coMra-therapy. It is just one of the many ways we support each other in this community.


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