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Homemade Kefir, Your Own AHA’S Natural Skin Peel!

About five months ago, I started making my own homemade kefir. The benefits of this probiotic have been used for thousands of years. Do you know that 80% of your health is in your gut? This is why our gut is sometimes referred to as our second brain. In order to make your own homemade kefir, you need to get your hands on the real live kefir grains.

I was blessed enough to have someone give them to me. These cauliflower looking grains pack a powerful punch. I can only speak of the benefits I have seen in our household. For one, we went through the winter months without a single cold. This is huge for us. I am also noticing that the yearly hay fever issues I dealt with in the past, have not been a problem this year.

If anyone in our household gets a mild symptom, like a runny nose or start’s to sneezing, we know what to do.  Just take a good dose of kefir. We make a milkshake with all sorts of berries and watch whatever pesky cold wanted to strike us, stop in its track. Oh, and did I mention that homemade kefir is low in carbs? Yes indeed, because the culturing process eats up all the natural sugar in milk.

Since I started making my own kefir I have given away countless grains, which is why I wanted to let you know what I have been doing recently with my kefir. I have been using it as a facial mask. I can’t say enough about how wonderful my skin feels, after a kefir mask treatment. So I did a little investigating and the reason is that kefir has lactic acid and alpha hydroxyl. Please understand that these treatments in a doctor’s office are very pricy. It literally costs you pennies to make a kefir mask at home. Can I hear a yippee?


The first thing you need to do is get yourself some kefir grains, which can be given to you or purchase online. If you are part of the Fittoserve Community you probably have been taking advantage of the kefir grains I have gifted you.

This is what I found out, that the same good bacteria for our guts is also good for our skin. What’s more this is a gentle, yet effective peel with no harsh chemicals or smells.

The bacteria Lactobacilli will help regulate and recover the ph balance in our skin cells. The lactic acid also helps in balancing ph levels in our body thus reducing the occurrence of wrinkles and helps in slowing down the process of aging. Great news right?

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). AHAs are acids derived from foods, and it is safe type of acid that we can to apply to our skin. Citric acid, for example, from citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, etc.) is an alpha hydroxy acid. Lactic acid is found in sour and cultured milk. You may have also heard of or tried other AHAs, such glycolic acid, from sugar cane, which is also a popular ingredient in anti-aging topical skin care products.

Why all the fuss? Well, AHAs applied topically and regularly to your skin will help reduce the appearance of aging, and they can be an especially good solution against fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging from sun damage.

Is it any wonder understanding why skincare companies put such a premium price to get us to use them? The good news is that you can now you have AHA’s as close as your kitchen fridge. While kefir contains all the AHA’s, it does so without all the negative dyes, perfumes, detergents that cause skin irritation, allergies and rashes.

If you have very sensitive skin you should still however, do a patch test with some kefir before using it on your entire face. Simply put a dab on an area of skin and leave it for 12 hours. If no reaction occurs, it is safe for you to use.

For those of us who are blessed with no skin sensitivities, kefir can be used several times a week and with great results.

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  1. Great post! I have heard that 80% of our health is in our gut. So crazy. And of course, patch tests are super important. Just a quick note about the natural AHA skin peel, it's important to note that AHAs are pH dependent and in order to receive an exfoliating effect, it must be a pH of about a 3. This of course is not to say that it won't provide some benefit to skin because it can, but what you will get at a doctor's office will definitely generate different results depending on the pH and concentration. :)
    • Oh by all means at the doctors office you will get something more potent but at pennies each mask, it's a no brainier for me. Please note that I did not come up with this genius idea. I read several articles and then began to try it for myself.
  2. We have been enjoying the benefits of regular kefir consumption for the last few years. My only hang up is that it is full of sugar! After drinking it for a while though, I decided the sugar was worth the benefit of happier tummies in our house. I had never even considered putting it on my face, let alone making my own! Can you share where you found your recipe? I see that you can indeed find the starter grains online, but what do I do with them from there? Do you add sugar to it? I am thinking this may be a more affordable and healthier way to keep drinking our kefir! I am going to give the face mask a try too! Thanks for sharing!
    • I make milk kefir and most if not all the sugar is consumed in culturing process. I keep my kefir grains mixed with whole milk on the kitchen counter for 24 hours. At that point I scoop out the grains and transfer the freshly made kefir in a container in my fridge. I then repeat the entire process daily. I place the pure kefir on my face with a cotton ball. I hope this works.

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