Can Our Brains Really Be Changed By Our Thoughts?

What if I told you that you can change your brain by the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind? The truth is that science is finally catching up with what the Bible has to say about the importance of our words. Romans 12:2 says be not fashioned according to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

One of the core values of Fittoserve is the importance of being mentally whole as well as physically and spiritually. Each of these values has the potential to change your life, yet you cannot be fully whole if you focus on one and ignore the other.

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, a leading neuroscientist, our thoughts have corresponding reactions in our brains. When we think, we are flooded with chemicals that course through our bodies in electrochemical feedback loops.

You may be familiar with one of these chemicals endorphins. Which is released when we exercise and our brains produce these wonderful “feel-good” chemicals. Unfortunately, there are also chemicals produced when we are angry, sad, afraid that can also effect our brains, only this time negatively.

Do you know that medical science can now link our toxic thoughts to diseases? There are studies that point to how our emotions, and physical state can be affected by our thought life. The idea that our mind and body are integrally connected is something that Dr. Caroline leaf has studied and researched extensively. In her book ,Who switched off my brain, she points to Dr. Candace Pert a neuroscientist whose work explains how our emotions are biomolecular in nature and how they act as a single psychosomatic network.

Perhaps you are more familiar with the term neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity. Lately, we are hearing a lot about how we can do mental exercises to improve our brains. Neuroplastiscity is an umbrella term that deals with both synaptic plasticity and non-synaptic plasticity. In other words it refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in our behavior, environment, thinking, and even our emotions.

What does all this mean in layman’s terms? That we have the ability to change our brains and therefore our world by focusing on positive thoughts. What I especially like about Dr. Leaf is that she is a devote Christian and that she uses her extensive knowledge in neuroscience to further confirm God’s word. Is it any wonder that there are passages in scripture that point to just this? Why else would His word tell us in Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things? It is because we become what we think.

I highly recommend both of Dr Leaf’s Books, Who switched off my brain and Switch on your brain.

Below I am sharing one of her TED x talks, you can also gather more information about her fascinating work at

Dr. Caroline Leaf “we can change our brains by our thoughts”

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