The Best Things In Life Are Still Free!

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Three generations coming together to serve our community!

This past Saturday Word of Faith Global Ministries held its first Free Car Wash in our church’s parking lot. This was an absolutely no strings attached, no donation accepted event. I can’t tell you how excited every church volunteer was about serving our community in this unique way. People not only got their cars washed for free, but they were offered a free hotdog lunch too. Manning the grill was none other than our lead pastor, Ricardo Gallinar.


Lead pastor, Ricardo Gallinar making free lunch available

It was a collaboration of love and a way to show our community the heart of our church. Living in South Florida, similar to other large cities, people can be very skeptical about anything “free”. Every single person that got their car washed was floored when we told them that we were not taking their donations. It touched some to the point of near tears. We heard comments like, “This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time” to “ok what’s the catch, this isn’t really free right”?

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I had the chance to see Lauren Valhuerdi a First Baptist school of Hialeah Alumni who now has a beautiful family and working as a teacher. To think I had the honor to be her k4 teacher and school administrator!

It frankly surprised us, how touched our community was about a simple act of kindness. The hesitation of people to accept a free gift, further confirmed that more of these types of events need to occur more frequently. We live in a world that can be very cynical, what better way to demonstrate the love of God than to offer a necessary service for free? Our church’s heart was based on the fact that Christ freely gave His life as an offering to the world and as His followers we should freely give of our time and resources.

We had church volunteers of all ages including children who wanted to hold up a signs with their parent. It was a beautiful day and one our church will not soon forget. We had opportunities to pray and talk to those who needed an encouraging word.

Associate pastor Rick Jr. Gallinar and his lovely wife Briana organized the event ensuring that people left with a well washed car and an opportunity to meet our church family and see our desire to bless, our community.

I love our church and their willingness to do out of the box ideas to serve our community. Our family had the honor to be part of this event and we look forward to many more opportunities like these.

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Community Group pastor “my hubby ” Randy Solares, with the tire rim champ Andres Barrera

Our next car wash will be August 29th 2014. If you live in South Florida mark your calendars and allow us to bless you.

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Oscar taking pride in his work and keeping quality control at the top of the list!


Our son Matthew Solares, working hard to give back to our city!


Associate pastor Rick Jr. Gallinar, Luis Montejo, Jose Pantoja, Ramses Altamirano and David Barrera working with excellence.

Other fabulous volunteers are not pictured here, they were probably too busy serving others to even get their pictures taken. For further information about our amazing church and our vision follow us at and like us on Facebook, Word of Faith Global Ministries. Stay in touch with what our church is doing to change the world with one act of kindness at a time!


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