How To Stay Motivated On A Low Carb Plan


A low carb plan is a great way to achieve weight loss effectively. You can experience little to no cravings, while eating foods you enjoy. However, as with any other weight loss plan, having restrictions on what you can eat can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips to keep you motivated.

Do It With Support

Trying to lose weight and eat healthier is much easier when you do it with the support of friends and family. One of the things I love about Fittoserve is the lovely community that was birthed as a result of people wanting to get healthy. From discovering new recipes together to just encouraging each other not to give up. Doing life with the support of a community group that shares your same goals just makes life more enjoyable.

If you are not blessed with a community group you can attend, I hope that you will find encouragement in this blog and other online communities with similar goals.

Stay Positive

The next time you find yourself eyeing a high carb treat, focus on what you have already achieved. I am not just referring to any weight you may have lost, but your general well-being. Have you noticed that your energy levels have risen? How has your sleep benefited from this plan? What about your complexion and hair? Believe it or not your diet affects your entire body. Compare how you feel now from how you did when your diet was full of empty carbs. Now that you are on a path to better health, is that piece of sugar laden cake really worth it? A major setback for a moment of pleasure?

Handle Setbacks at Once

What happens if you do succumb to temptation and you end up eating or drinking something you should have passed? For one, don’t let it be an excuse to get off your low carb diet.  I always tell people to immediately make their next meal their best meal. The idea of starting a diet on Monday then falling off the wagon on Wednesday as a license to continue to eat badly the rest of the week, month or year, just does not make sense. Instead make sure you drink more water and get back on track quickly.

If you live in the South Florida area feel free to contact us, if you are interested in joining our free monthly community group.


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