3 Delicious Fat Bomb Recipes

Sharing this yummy recipe from Ketoship enjoy!


Fat bombs are pretty hot right now.

In case you haven’t heard – fat bombs are a tasty, high-fat treat that can help you to conquer your cravings and stop you from reaching for sugary, pre-packed candy bars and other snacks when you need an extra boost.

They pack a high amount of fat (and a low amount of carbohydrate) into a small, tasty and ultimately very filling snack – perfect for anybody following a ketogenic diet.

Sadly, fat-bombs aren’t readily available in stores – so if you want these guilt-free snacks to hand when the going gets tough, then you’ll have to make them yourself. Luckily, we have three tasty (and super easy) recipes to get you started:

Choco-Nut Fat Bombs 4291494864_45c75668c2_o


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