Is Your Skincare Routine Affecting Your Health?

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Amy Vargas owner and formulator of Pure Love Skincare teaching at Fittoserve

At our July Fittoserve Group monthly meeting I felt it would be fun and insightful to invite Amy Vargas from Pure Love Skincare to share with us her passion to create organic all natural skincare products that are affordable. Amy created her skincare line when in her thirties her skin began to change and was frustrated with what was on the market at the time. In her quest to correct some of the skincare issues she was dealing with, she just kept exacerbating her skin issues. Spending a small fortune in the process. She quickly realized that instead of these products helping her, all the toxins in them were only aggravating her skin further. This took Amy on a search to find non-toxic, organic products. Unfortunately, she was rudely awakened to how very expensive these products can be. Outraged she decided to take matters into her own hands and create something natural for herself.

The Ladies of Fittoserve testing Pure Love Skincare

The Ladies of Fittoserve testing Pure Love Skincare

What Amy did not count on was that what started as a kitchen experiment would turn into a passion and a growing skincare line. I just love when an entrepreneur sees a need and takes a stab at making a difference. Most of her products cost an average of $10 dollars with her most expensive product only costing $22. If you have tried to look for an organic option you would know that it’s a far cry from what is out there.

When we approached Amy about doing a class for Fittoserve she was excited to do so. One of things that I try to emphasis at our meetings is that as women we cannot ignore and therefore neglect our bodies. This includes having a simple beauty regime. Sadly, too many women keep leaving their needs at the bottom of the list and it begins to show with wrinkles showing up way to early. By the time they make a decision to start taking care of themselves a lot of unnecessary damage has occurred and may be very difficult to reverse.

The ladies of Fittoserve listening intently to the class

The ladies of Fittoserve listening intently to the class

My beauty routine has always been a priority, even when I was very ill suffering from Guillane Barre, and Fibromyalgia. Physically, putting on a pretty face may have seemed ridiculous to some at the time, but it was my way of fighting for my health. Most people would never guess that I was writhing with pain and that’s exactly what I wanted to portray. I am so grateful that I was firm in my convictions. Today, I have many friends who tell me how much they admired me for this and how it encouraged them.

Our July meeting was a success. The ladies learned how to easily take care of their skins naturally without breaking the bank. They learned that those difficult to pronounce words on many of our beauty products could be doing our health more damage than good.

Showcasing Amy’s skin line was two-fold, I wanted the ladies to be aware that there is a viable, organic natural option they can enjoy and to encourage Amy to continue to follow her dream. Amy Vargas has an online store and is willing to ship. For further information on this fantastic line visit her site and feel free to send her your questions.

Please note that I was not compensated in any way to review or hold a class showing her products. At Fittoserve we love to encourage woman and develop deep friendships with the desire to support each other. Helping people like Amy is our way of coming along side women and their endeavor to make a difference.

If you are ever in the South Florida area and would love to join us for a Fittoserve class send me an email at for details.


15 thoughts on “Is Your Skincare Routine Affecting Your Health?

  1. onederlandreflections says:

    Love this! I only use water on a daily basis to wash my skin, honey with a natural exfoliant (sugar, baking soda, etc) every so often as needed, and organic jojoba oil to moisturize daily and remove makeup. I’m definitely checking this product line out! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. nena26 says:

    I had the opportunity to attend the skincare class yesterday and I truly enjoyed it. Coming from someone with Rosacea, I have always been a bit apprehensive about using facial products. I love that the products Amy created are all natural and affordable. I bought several products and started using them. I love how they make my skin feel and best of all, they did not cause any adverse reactions to my skin. I truly recommend them. Thank you Fit to Serve for always providing such a great platform to promote the importance of taking care of ourselves… Mind, body and soul! Blessings!

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