Are You Listening to Your Body? It May be Yelling, Right About Now

Don’t ignore your body’s warning signals. It may be telling you exactly what you need.

If you have ever fought against fatigue, you’ve probably tried everything to gain some energy. Like me you probably succumbed to endless cups of coffee and sweets. The problem is that the little temporary increase of energy you may gain is short-lived, and what’s worse it brings you crashing down rather quickly once the effects are over.

For years I struggled with fatigue. I woke up exhausted and went to bed completely spent. It was not fun, this roller coaster of drinking yet another cup of coffee with the hopes of feeling energized was very frustrating to say the least. Not to mention, that it was probably doing a number on my adrenal glands.

It was not until I finally got off the roller coaster that I began to experience true energy. Once I took out the number one culprit, sugar I started to leave behind my days of fatigue…

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