Why Low Carb For Greater Health And Weight Loss?

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Why go low carb? There are several benefits to eating low carb. Most people try their hand at eating this way because they’ve heard that it’s easier for weight loss. Compared to a low-fat diet, eating low carb allows you to stay on track without the constant hunger that is common with a low-fat diet. Eating low carb is also beneficial for general wellness.

A true ketogenic diet is one where carbs are low enough to get into ketosis. Ketosis is when our bodies use fat for fuel compared to glucose. Weight loss is more effective and you start burning fat stores for energy. When you eat this way consistently your body becomes “fat adapted”. Your energy remains steady throughout the day and you are able to exercise for longer periods. Eating low carb has shown to have therapeutic effects on those who suffer from epilepsy, T1 & T2 diabetes, acne, PCOS, Alzheimer’s, and some forms of cancers.

In reality, there are many reasons why people choose to eat low carb. It’s these different reasons that make the low carb community unique.

One of the main questions people ask when first going on a low carb plan, is how much carbohydrate can you consume in a day? This will depend on how many carbs you can personally tolerate. In general the younger you are the more carbs you will be able to consume. I tell people to start with only 20-25 grams a day and after a month begin to experiment to see if you can tolerate higher levels of carbs without it affecting your weight, hunger and overall wellness.

If you have any medical conditions, always check with your doctor before going on a low carb intake. Changes in blood pressure and sugar levels may require a reduction in your medication which is why working closely with your doctor is necessary.


6 thoughts on “Why Low Carb For Greater Health And Weight Loss?

  1. zipcoffelt says:

    But I would caution your readers, over and above your advice to consult a doctor, that low carb is not for everyone. Maintaining a body in ketosis can have a negative impact on a number of systems. Most critical, once carbohydrates are reintroduced into a person’s diet, weight gain is virtually inevitable without strict monitoring, ongoing calorie restriction, and a more intense exercise program than most folks are willing to attempt. Caution is the name of the game when it comes to assuming that an unbalanced diet will be THE answer.

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    • fittoservegroup says:

      I appreciate your opinion. Please note that I have made it clear that they should get their doctor’s clearance before proceeding with a low carb plan. This is the case with any weight loss program. I am simply sharing what we have personally learned on this way of eating. Our doctor worked very closely with us and just kept saying “keep doing what you are doing” which we did. My husband had been a diabetic for over 15 years, had fatty liver disease, hypertension and took meds for it all. He has been given a clear bill of health and no longer takes any meds. Plus has lost 70 lbs. In my case I only had to lose 15 pounds which I did. I was pre-diabetic this is no longer the case. In addition, my fibromyalgia symptoms also improved greatly eating this way. It is only my desire to share our journey in an effort to help those who would want to do the same with their doctors blessing.

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  2. emilythegood says:

    This is such a great post. In my 3 weeks on a ketogenic diet, I’ve had very few cravings, no binges at all (which is previously a huge problem for me) and reduced hunger. I’ve lost 7.6 pounds and am feeling very good.

    I don’t think keto is for everyone, but it seems like it’s a great choice for me.

    Thanks for this great post!

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