Prayer Journaling, A Creative Way to Speak to God


Why keep a prayer journal? What better way of recording for you and your family God’s faithfulness?

Our lives can be packed with activities and this means it can be easy to forget the goodness of God. A prayer journal can serve not only as a reminder but as a way to strengthen your faith. 

When we take the time to write down our prayers it keeps a record of them, making it easier to see when they are answered. Prayer journals help encourage us to keep trusting God when facing a life trial.

The idea that one day my children will have a record of my prayers is priceless. My only regret is that I didn’t start this practice sooner.

There are several ways to keep a prayer journal but I like to keep mine simple. If it gets to be too complicated, chances are I won’t be consistent.

What works for me is using mini notebooks and assigning one for each designated group. I have several prayer journals. One for each of my children, my husband, my extended family and friends.

I also keep one specifically for my pastors, church, ministry and one dedicate to my personal prayers. Can you believe I even have one dedicated for my future grandchildren? It may sound frivolous but I believe it’s a beautiful thing to be praying for them already.

mini prayer journals

Each mini notebook cover get’s decorated and I add a prayer at least once a week. I know some people write their prayers daily but that’s just not practical for me. This does not mean I am not keeping my prayers before God’s throne daily, I just choose to write them down less frequently.

Prayer journaling is also a fun and creative way to keep your heart connected to God. If you are not familiar with prayer journaling, a quick internet search will give you a wealth of ideas. Because I love to paint, it makes sense to use this creative medium to keep my prayer life vibrant.

prayer jounaling

4 tips in creating prayer journals

  1. Create a place for reflection and meditation
    My guest room not only houses all my sewing and crafts but it is my place of refuge. It’s where I choose to meditate on the word of God and come before His throne in prayer.
  2. Be specific when you write your requests  When our prayers are specific it makes it easy to track when they get answered. Vague prayers produce vague answers. It’s important to be clear and concise when we pray.
  3.  Use scripture to help focus your prayer Invite the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers with the use of His word. It ensures that your prayers are aligned to His will for your life.
  4. Praise God for hearing and answering your prayers A grateful heart will keep your heart humble before God. Don’t forget to thank God for answering your prayers. 

Do you keep a prayer journal? If so let us know how you use this medium to keep your prayer life ablaze.


10 thoughts on “Prayer Journaling, A Creative Way to Speak to God

  1. ygallinar says:

    Love this! Thank you for always praying for us! This is such an important reminder, not only to pray but to journal it so that we won’t forget all of God’s goodness in our lives! Coincides with our new Tuesday nights study on prayer based on the new movie, “War Room.”

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