Fit By The Holidays 45 Day Challenge, You Can Do This!

Can you believe the Holidays are right around the corner? Most people love this time of year. It’s chance to re-connect with family and friends, to celebrate life together. However, that is not all that comes with the Holidays. That’s right, it also comes with countless temptations to slip up when it comes to eating healthy.

Every year around this time of year people are compelled to bring all sorts of sugar- laden baked goods wherever people gather. Just “one cookie” leads to every day saying yes to what is put in the break room. But how can you say no to the tempting item, when the person who made them did it with the best of intentions? It’s their way of sharing Holiday joy!

I know exactly their reasoning, because I was that person. I would take great pride in bringing special treats. How would I feel when someone turned one down? Frankly, a little sad. I took the rejection personal. Wow, have I grown up in that area.

Today, If I want to share a treat it’s a low carb one or I do an act of kindness instead. Can you believe one year I baked homemade sweet bread for each family in my church? I spent hours kneading and baking. I just wanted my church family to know that they were special to me.

Thankfully, I have learned healthier ways to show someone they are important in my life and it does not have to revolve around food.

Unfortunately, having a treat or two every day can lead to an extra 5 -10 unwanted pounds. You tell yourself, it’s not a problem because after all January is right around the corner, and this time for real you will be serious about getting your weight under control.

Why go through the heartache of stepping on that scale on January only to loath what you did to yourself again. Instead, let Fittoserve assist you and this year get Fit by the Holidays instead.

Bluest Blue Designs  has graciously offered a a variety pack of custom made Holiday cards to the person who loses the most weight.

Sign up for the challenge by sending us an email with a picture of your current weight on your scale.  This information will stay confidential. It will serve as a way   to keep you accountable and gauge who loses the most weight during the 45 days before the Holidays.

Once the winner is announced we will only reveal how much total weight was lost. A do a little write up with your before and after picture. Even if you do not win the challenge you will be a winner by gaining more health during the most challenging time of the year. After you email us we will send you a confirmation that you have entered the challenge. See below for the details on the challenge and some freebies from Bluest Blue

Click on the photo or here to save the full res version.

45 Day Challenge Get Fit Before the Holidays 

Start Date: Wednesday November 4, 2015 

End Date: December 18,2015

The Challenge:

Hydration Nation – Drink 64 oz of water per day.

Follow the Leader, Leader– Sign up for the blog via email and commit to reading every new post during the challenge. Doing so will keep you motived and help you learn about eating low carb, LCHF for weight loss and greater health.

Move it, Move it!- Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, five days a week.

Cure the Sweet Tooth – No sweets (i.e. cookies, brownies, etc.) Only use stevia (truvia) or xylitol to sweeten. No brown, white sugar, honey or God forbid agave. Read my article on sweeteners here

Ditch the Wheat– No bread, pasta or grains. No wheat products.  (use only nut flours like almond, coconut, flax meal, hazelnut etc.)

On the Wagon– No wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverage ( I know this may be a challenge for some but trust me you want your wits about you so you stay on track)

Watch the Count– No more than 25 carbs per day! Use a phone app to help you stay on track

No Cheating– Vow to not cheat, this means not even a bite!

Take a Picture– weigh and measure yourself at the start and end of challenge.

Let us knowEmail us and let us know you have signed up for the challenge with a picture of your starting weight on the scale.

Share the Progress– comment on this post your journey and encourage each other with your tips. We want to hear about your success!

get fit holidays Click on the photo or here to save the full res version.

Feel free to download Bluest Blue’s items and share them on your preferred social media channels to let everyone know you’re doing the challenge and/or print them out and post them on the fridge to remind yourself!



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  2. I saw this challenge all too late- just today- am sad that I can't take part but I will use this as a motivational too to challenge myself to give up things and depend on other things than food, to get me along. Please can you explain : watch the count- less than 25 carbs per day ? Susie
  3. I'm at my goal weight now, I think. Lost a total of 91 pounds. I do love your weight loss challenge and a prize offered. My goal through the holidays is to maintain without gaining. Looking forward to victory for all of us.
  4. This is a great way to help people stay motivated to achieve their weight loss goals. I hope you get lots of people taking up your challenge.
  5. This looks fun. Always up for a challenge!
  6. I am at it.. excited!!!
  7. I love this! Thank you for posting this, I'm actually trying to get my butt back into gear. :) It just takes 6 weeks to see the huge difference!
  8. So excitedddd!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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