Be The Answer!


Are you living your life intentionally? Or do you sometimes feel like life is pulling and pushing you around like a big bully? I must admit that there have been seasons that it felt like I was being dragged through life with no say so.

Sometimes all it takes to see a change is the willingness to be flexible. Most people, me included are creatures of habit and if not careful we can become stuck in our ways, resistant to change, never experiencing the very breakthrough we are desiring.

reading session

Princess Sophia!

Our senior pastor Richardo Gallinar, always seeks God at the beginning of each year for a specific word to encourage our church. This past January, the Lord revealed to him that 2015 would be a year of stretching. I clearly remember how excited I was to hear those words. I went straight home and put it on my dining room wall chalkboard. It felt exhilarating! 2015 the year of stretching!



Oh, but how quickly we can forget when the stretching starts to take place. Do you know that in order for us to see change in our lives, to grow in any particular area we will have to experience stretching pains? Ask any athlete and they will give you countless examples. Or perhaps a woman who has longed for a child, but did not realize to what degree her skin and body would have to stretch in order to carry the blessing.

Yes stretching, being flexible is part of life and we can either choose to fight it or grow up. We can’t expect to see positive changes in our lives if we are not willing to do something different about it.

2015 has certainly pushed me past my human limits and forced me to jump into change. Anyone who knows me well enough, often hears me say things like, “think outside the box”, “be willing to be the answer to someone’s prayer”! As community group pastors Randy and I are always asking God for out of the box ideas to minister to others, this is exactly how Fittoserve was birthed.

Superhero Maxwell

Recently, I had a blast from my past, I am talking about 20 years ago blast. Back when I taught Pre-Kindergarten for a total of 15 years. I loved teaching the little ones how to read and I made it a point to have everyone leave my class reading phonetically. Some better than others, but they all moved on to kindergarten reading. It was a precious season in my life. Later I would be stretched to fill other roles in administration but teaching is what has always been close to my heart. Whether it was teaching children, a bunch of teenagers at youth group, or a class in our home groups, teaching has always run through my veins.

Imagine my surprise when asked if I would be willing to tutor the niece of former student to read? I said yes! My willingness to be stretched has allowed me to be the answer to now two mothers prayers. You may not believe this, but about a month before I started I had a dream that I was tutoring a little girl, whose mom was a former student in the same class of the student who now wanted tutoring for his niece.


Maxwell the superhero!

Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, sometimes God has to use a little supernatural push to get us to see that He is trying to open a new season in our lives. Perhaps, if I not had that dream I may have turned down the blessing.

Today, I have converted part of my dining room into a reading center, full of books and creative ways to teach reading. I try to make the experience extra special for the children by making it a memorable one. My goal is not only that they will read well, but that they will fall in love with learning. If your wondering if I am willing to tutor more, the answer is yes! I am embracing yet another tool to bless my community.

reading center

I leave you with this, be willing to dive into the deep waters of change. Remember, you are not what you do, but what you do can be the answer to someone’s prayer.

To listen to an encouraging word from our pastors go to our church website.


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