You Can Stick to a Low Carb Plan This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day can make even the most faithful low-carber weak in the knees. Making them wonder how they will be able to stick to their low carb plan. However, staying on course doesn’t have to be a challenge. The truth is there are plenty of easy low carb Thanksgiving dishes and desserts that can be made with just a few ingredients.

For years Thanksgiving became all about the food. Don’t get me wrong as A Christian I made sure to include a time of prayer and “thanksgiving”. Yet, no one could deny that gradually I had put too much emphasis on preparing the food and decorating the table.

Three generations cooking in my kitchen!

We all want to make this day memorable but if not careful, we can lose focus. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite Holidays, because it was one of the few that could not be overly commercialized. Yet when I allowed my heart to be examined, I must admit that somewhere along the way the true meaning had been lost and exchanged with the need to bake every conceivable dessert, fancy side dishes and picture perfect meal. How easily we can lose ourselves in what doesn’t really matter.

Do you know what that type of emphasis produces? It creates major disappointment for those who are cooking and preparing everything for that day. Why? Because we spend countless hours in the kitchen, waking up earlier than ever to produce our masterpieces and once we finally get all the courses to the table, resentment sets in. Resentment? Too often, I walked around hoping everyone would taste EVERYTHING and anyone who didn’t created in me a feeling of personal rejection. Ridiculous right? Just because they would not taste or devour a dish I felt I had failed. I must confess that at the end of the evening I would clear the table feeling like ALL the work I put forth was pointless. Oh how time and knowledge mature us.

I suspect I have not been the only one guilty of this, its human nature after all. When the bulk of the holiday falls on your shoulders it becomes a trap. If we don’t get all the oohs and aahs from the foods we have prepared we can become deeply disappointed. Now looking back I can laugh at that thought but trust me it was not funny at the time.

So how do we prevent an overemphasis on food and focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving?

  1. Share the load whenever possible. Let others bring their favorite dishes too. Invite others to come and assist you as you prepare the meal. This way you are creating lifelong memories and you don’t set yourself up for disappointment when you don’t receive the praises you expected.
  2. Focus throughout the day on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Keeping your heart grateful will protect you from putting too much emphasis on the food. Meditate on key Thanksgiving verses to assist you. Create a Thanksgiving jar where you encourage people to write what they are grateful for this year. This is something I plan on doing this year and hope to make it a lasting tradition. Last year, I had people write on our dining room wall blackboard, what they were thankful for.
  3. Prepare healthy low carb options for the entire family to enjoy. Inevitably, not everyone at your Thanksgiving table is eating the way you do, but sharing your low carb option is a good way to introduce them to your eating lifestyle. Allow them to see how you can enjoy a nice holiday meal without feeling overly full.

Lastly, make the day about friends and family coming together to give thanks for all of God’s blessings. When the emphasis is placed on the Lord our hearts are guarded from all deception and disappointment.

Below are a few easy low carb recipes to assist you.

Low carb pumpkin cheesecake

Low carb cranberry sauce

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  1. You're quite right, of course, thankfulness doesn't depend of food. Incidentally, the fittoservegroup look like such a happy, cheerful bunch. Having good friends is something worth being thankful for.