3 Holiday Traps You Want to Avoid


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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. The Thanksgiving leftovers are still lingering yet Christmas is right around the corner. Am I the only one who feels that time is accelerating a rapid pace?

Christmas seems to be the favorite season of many.  Everywhere you turn the lights are bright and its music is playing, as the air changes from the smell of pumpkin spice to evergreen. Yet, if not handled properly this time of year can change from the season of joy it is supposed to be, to a season of great stress.

So how do we make sure to truly enjoy the Holidays?

Here are 3 of my favorite ways I avoid holiday traps that aim to steal our joy.

1.Don’t make the season about gifts

Too often, we fall for the commercial snare of making Christmas about gift giving. I realize that for young children this aspect of the holiday can be mesmerizing. However, even young children can be taught to make room for new toys by giving some of their old ones away. Do our children really need rooms dedicated to toys? Teach them young the value of giving and raise them with a heart full of compassion for those around them.

Our family years ago made the decision to not fall for the need to gift everyone in our lives. The days of making sure no one was forgotten off a list and having a spare gift under the tree was replaced by quality time with friends and family.  Today, we give of our time, talent and gifts throughout the year and it has been a liberating decision.




2.Don’t play the comparison game

One of the quickest ways to be robbed of your joy is to compare what others have against your life. Note to self, there will always be someone with what appears as something of greater value. If you fall for this trap, no matter what comes into your life you will never truly be satisfied. A constant quest for more, sets you up for always feeling like you never have enough.

Instead, have a grateful heart. Your contentment will open your heart and arms to receive more of what truly matters in this world. By letting go of the need to compare, you will enjoy the Christmas season more deeply.


Our Christmas Tree


3.Remember the true meaning of what you are celebrating

As a Christian the Christmas season must serve as a reminder that we have already been gifted the greatest of gifts. Taking time out of the year to remember that our savior was born to bring salvation can never compare with any earthly possession. So make it a point to hear the true Christmas message, open your heart to receive the immense love that was provided for you.

Keep your heart open to the love of Christ this Christmas season and let the truth of this message set you free.

Looking for a Christmas message that will inspire you? Stay tune this month at Word of Faith Global Ministries and listen to a sermon that will transform your life.









11 thoughts on “3 Holiday Traps You Want to Avoid

  1. susieshy45 says:

    I am a Christian from a Christian family. We have X’mas traditions but gift giving was never one of them( meaning, shop bought gifts), for the simple reason, that we thought that to spend so much would be a colossal waste of time. But we had family time, making of traditional dishes, enjoying ourselves and laughing a lot and memories.
    Today, I live in a resource rich country, traditions have changed- gift giving has become big and almost everyone who my children interact with is given gifts. My immediate family is very small in this country. I wonder, though, if the children to whom my daughters gift think that Christmas is about spending money and gifts and would not really understand the meaning of the birth of Christ.
    Thank you for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

    • fittoservegroup says:

      Thank for chiming in Susie! It’s never too late to point people in the right direction. Why not bring some of your childhood memories back to life. Today, I still do fun family activities with my great nephews. The same ones I did with children and their parents and they love it too 💕


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