Fittoserve Christmas party

Meaningful Holiday Traditions

Traditions are very bonding. We have family ones that we look forward to each year, like breakfast morning brunch at my brother and sister in laws home. Where family comes from all over to spend quality time together. 

When my children were young we made gingerbread houses with all the children of the family, later with our great nephews. Baking Christmas cookies was a must in our family. Some traditions change but the need to create memories around traditions are vital. 

Fittoserve Christmas Party

The connection that is forged while doing activities together can help build strong ties.

Fittoserve Christmas Party 

In our quest to be healthier we have made wiser yet still meaningful swaps. So maybe we are not making traditional Christmas cookies but our low carb versions are also delicious adding quality to our lives in the process. 

FITTOSERVE exists to help people on their journey to being whole in spirit, mind and body. It’s not only about taking care of our bodies, although this is an important factor . That is not our only objective.

The need for our spirits to be nourished takes precedence. As a Christian we believe we are created in the image of God according to Genesis 1:27 God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. This means that we are spirits that live in a body and have a mind (where our will and emotions reside) 

So how does this tie with creating meaningful traditions? Well, it means that we take as many opportunities to grow spiritually as we do emotionally and physically. 

We started a new Christmas tradition this year with our FITTOSERVE family. During our Christmas party we did a mug exchange where we made a commitment to pray for the individual who’s cup we received. 

We had no idea how such a simple yet special tradition would impact us all. The room was filled with so much love as even complete strangers made a vow to keep each other in prayer in the coming year.

I can’t think of a greater gift than to know someone is praying for me very day. 

Traditions do not have to be expensive or complicated to be especially meaningful. In fact, sometimes it’s the small ones that have the potential to change our lives. 

My church surprised me with a custom FITTOSERVE mug with our logo and my name. It brought me to tears. These are the gifts that leave lasting memories. 

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What are some of your favorite Holiday traditions?

As a reminder tune in this month to Word of Faith Global Ministries for a Christmas message that inspires. 



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  2. Nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Please accept if you would. Susie
  3. This day was definitely one for the books! It will forever be in my heart! It is such an honor to be a part of the FitToServe & WOF family! I cannot express how much love there is here! Jesus is the reason for the season and all this love! Fa My favorite
  4. I am not sure if we have Xmas traditions but we have traditions each day in my maternal home - we wake up early in the morning and have a time of family prayer- a hymn is sung, the eldest in the family reads the bible reading for the day, then a psalm is read and finally a prayer is said for all the activities of the day, concluding with a blessing again by the eldest. Such a beautiful tradition I feel.
  5. Beautiful time together! Gotta love this community of ladies that gather together and lift each other up, through thick and thin!
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  7. Hilda, we had a wonderful time in fellowship with wonderful friends. Learning how to eat right, enjoying delicious meals and dessert... but most of all the opportunity to establish relationships with amazing women. Can't wait for January when those of us that are married can bring our husbands...who also need to be Fit to Serve! Love you.

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