Low Carb Black And White Cookies, Yes Please!

Low carb black and white cookies

Low Carb Black and White Cookies dipped in chocolate

There is just something about black and white cookies that make me think of the holidays. For years some version of this cookie has always made it to the table to be shared with family and friends.

My brother made the best traditional black and white cookies. If I recall correctly, it was his love for this type of cookie that compelled him to learn how to bake. I realize I may be a bit bias, but not only were they delicious, they were magazine cover worthy.

Low carb black and white cookies

Low carb black and white cookies


The first time he shared a batch with me, I quickly seized his sugar loaded cookbook never to be returned.  I remember referring to it so often that it literally fell apart. These days that book is buried under a pile of other similar ones, safely untouched.

Oh how times have changed for this baker. Today, I refuse to eat a cookie that is loaded with sugar and empty carbs. Once you have tasted health, well no amount of enticing can cause you to leave this lifestyle.

I understand that not everyone can be as committed, but if you understood my journey you would see why I am so passionate about eating this way. For over a decade I lived with chronic, bedridden pain. Pain that a year on the morphine patch could not touch. What was the cause of all this anguish, you ask? I was stricken with the Guillan Barre Syndrome, CIDP, Fibromyalgia, and nearly daily migraine headaches. This was my life, one that kept me depressed and wondering if I would ever get my life back.

It was the combination of much prayer, standing on God’s word for my healing and eating low carb that began the much needed healing to my body.

Now that I have set the context properly, allow me to share my low carb black and white cookie. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

This recipe has a few more steps than my usual offerings, but hey it’s the holiday season and it calls for something a little more festive.

This make a very large batch and the recipe can easily be halved.

Low Carb Black and White Cookies


4 sticks of softened butter

4 cups of sugar substitute

4 eggs

2 teaspoons of vanilla

6 cups of almond flour or almond meal

2 teaspoons of baking powder

½ teaspoon of salt

¼ cup of unsweetened dark cocoa powder

Optional Chocolate Coating: 1 cup of unsweetened chocolate chips, ½ tablespoon of shortening. Melt together and stir. I make mine in the microwave.


In a large stand up mixer beat the butter, sugar substitute, eggs, vanilla until light and fluffy. Next add the six cups of almond flour, baking powder and salt one cup at a time. Make sure to combine everything well.

Once the batter is made reserve two cups and add the ¼ cup of unsweetened dark cocoa powder. This will be the “black” portion of your cookies.

On parchment paper mound the batter in a row like the pictures demonstrate. Next add the chocolate portion of the batter over the “white” batter.

Place your dough in an empty foil or parchment paper container and allow the cookies to freeze for at least five hours until the dough is solid. Freezing your dough  will allow you to slice them more uniformly. Putting your cookie dough into an empty foil container is optional. It only serves to help shape your cookie. However, this dough must be frozen.

Bake on parchment paper at 350 degrees until the edges of your cookies are lightly browned. Allow them to fully cool then optionally dip the chocolate portion of your black and white cookies into the low carb chocolate coating.

Allow the cookies to set and enjoy! These cookies with the optional coating will be around 5 carbs without the coating you can subtract one carb from the total count.

I truly hope you will love my low carb version of black and white cookies, more importantly that you will enjoy them in health.

Low carb black and white cookie

The “white” portion of my low carb black and white cookie


Low carb black and white cookie

Adding the “black” portion to my low carb black and white cookies

Low carb black and white cookie

Pressing the dough into an empty parchment container to shape and freeze


Low Carb Black and White Cookies

Slicing the frozen dough once it has been chilled for at least 5 hours





8 thoughts on “Low Carb Black And White Cookies, Yes Please!

    • fittoservegroup says:

      Thanks Susie! Your words are so encouraging. I pray that our testimony will motivate you to make the necessary changes. It’s vital to take care of our health. Thanks again for the kind words and blog award. I am a bit swamped right now so I am unable to do the write up for nomination. Be blessed and may 2016 bring you great health!💞

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    • fittoservegroup says:

      I am not a fan of shortenings because it’s a trans-fat but in tiny doses I allow. I used crisco. Unfortunately, it’s needed to make the coating harden up at room temperature. Glad you enjoyed them at our New Years church celebration. 😁💕💞


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