Can Faith and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand?

Can Faith and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand?

I get asked all the time do you think God can help me lose weight, does He even care?

Well as a Christian, I believe God is very interested in helping us in our daily lives. So naturally if we have a desire to lose weight in order to gain health, why wouldn’t God want to help us?

Faith and weight loss

prayer changes everything

I believe in a God that desires the very best for us. Unfortunately, for many food has become more of a comforter than a source of nourishment. We should never give food that much power.

By turning to food when we are tired, sad or even happy we set ourselves up to make food more than it was ever intended to be.  Developing a healthy attitude towards eating, helps us not become addicted to any food group or allow it to consume our daily thoughts.

Too often though what we do is plead with God, beg Him even and that is not an effective form of prayer. In fact if all we are doing is crying to Him, we are missing the mark.

Here are 3 effective tips to include God’s help in your weight loss journey for greater health

  1. Ask God to give you a plan that is tailored for you. Does that sound unreasonable? Well it shouldn’t. This is what we did and what I know countless others have done. It works if you exercise your faith to believe it.

  2. Ask God to keep you accountable to the plan He points you to. This means giving the Holy Spirit permission to convict you when you have gone off course. Trust me He will, but only if you ask Him to. Our God is interested in a personal relationship with you, which is why He sent Jesus to die for us John 3:16. He wants to be involved in your day to day decisions. So allow Him to do so and begin to see the changes you desire.

  3. Stand on the word of God and pray out the scriptures. What does this mean exactly? Simply pick a couple of verses out of the Bible that speak to your need and recite them daily as you pray. This is an easy, yet powerful exercise. However, the key is consistency. Too often we do not get the results we are wanting because our prayers are hit and miss and don’t have a leg to stand on. Keep your eyes on the word and let Him strengthen you.

Need a place to begin? I encourage you to visit my page on encouraging verses. Pick one or two that speak to you. Write them out and put them someplace you will see them at least twice a day.


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