It’s Time We End Slavery! Join The Movement

Join the end it movement

Wasn’t slavery abolished?  The truth is that it is illegal in every country of the world but that has not stopped it from continuing even in 2016. Slavery comes in many forms and names but this evil is still in our world today.

Imagine for one moment what your life would be like if you were forced to work without pay? If you were trapped into a lifestyle you could not walk away from because of the threat of violence to you or your family? What if you were owned by someone? Isolated and hidden by the world yet subjected to a life where you lost all control and no longer had a voice.

On February 25th let the world know that SLAVERY STILL EXISTS and we will no longer tolerate it! It’s time we all raise our voice for the men, women and children that are still trapped in slavery around the world. Be bold and draw a RED X on your hand and post your selfie with the #enditmovement hashtag on all your social media channels.


We can’t end slavery by just bringing awareness, but it is the first step to end it.


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