When Worship Became A Weapon In My Arsenal



Worship is a weapon



Worship is weaponAs a teenager I grew up in a church that taught me the basics of worship. However, it wasn’t until I became very ill that I understood the spiritual-warfare component of worship and how it brings God to the scene.

When doctors no longer had answers, when the IVIG treatments stopped working, I was forced to learn how to fight. This was now war! At the time our children were ages thirteen and seven. As far as I was concerned, I was not about to let my husband become a widower and raise them without me. It was then that I made up my mind to live and not die! Psalm 118:17

What I didn’t count on was the lessons I would learn while facing the giants, guillan barre syndrome and fibromyalgia. Everything was looking bleak. After all even the doctors had lost hope. Physically and emotionally it may have appeared that I was not coming out of this battle alive. Yet my faith and devotion only grew stronger. How was this possible?

Well you see, although many Christians think of worship as something we do when come together on Sundays. I learned firsthand that worship not only helps us endure the trials life brings, it empowers us to witness the very goodness of God.

On any given Sunday you will find me close to the altar of our church during praise and worship. What may appear radical to some from the outside looking in, has actually been a vital key in my recovery.

I understand that some people may not fully comprehend what is taking place in the spiritual realm. I have learned to worship with pure abandonment and frankly, I can’t afford to let the opinion of man hinder this. Why? Because worship is not just taking time to tell God how much I love and appreciate Him, although that’s part of it. No, you see today I also realize that while I am engaged in worship, God is causing the enemy of my soul to flee on my behalf.

Worshipping God may not always look the same and it certainly does not have to be restricted to inside a church. One thing is certain, you should never underestimate the power of someone who has learned that worship is also a weapon.

In the Old Testament, we read over and over how the people of God learned that worship and warfare had to go hand in hand. We see time and again that when they failed to do so the result was always defeat. When they would repent and genuinely worship God, He would step in and always give them victory. They quickly learned that they were not going to win any battles without worship.

Isn’t this what we later see in the New Testament when Paul and Silas were thrown into jail? Didn’t they literally sing their way out of prison? Acts 16:16-40. You see worship is a key factor in bringing victory. Without it we are fighting a spiritual war without all our weapons. So the next time you find yourself in the middle of a life battle that you never anticipated don’t panic, worship. Allow God to fight on your behalf and make up your mind to never engage in battle without your weapon of worship. It may just be the missing key you need to bring you through.
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8 thoughts on “When Worship Became A Weapon In My Arsenal

  1. Glenda says:

    Thank you for today’s blog. I find that I am sooooo busy that my mind is always working on a hundred things at a time. This means that I forget to worship as I should. Thanks for the reminder to “worship continually, in all things.”

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