3 Tips For Low Carb Success!


Wondering how to succeed using a low carb diet for weight loss or greater health? Today’s post is going to give you three easy tips to help you reach your goals. If you want to read more of why we recommend this lifestyle you can do so here.

So you took the plunge and decided to go low carb. Your first week weigh-in was encouraging but now two months later the scale is not budging. Is it a true plateau or is your body adjusting? If you are sticking to the rules your body is probably just getting used to this new way of eating.

However, a little investigation may be necessary to ensure you are not missing the mark

Check Your Carbohydrate Allowance

To get into ketosis, that’s when we change our bodies from being sugar “glucose” burners, to using fat “ketones” for fuel, we need to stay within a 25-30 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Unfortunately what we find after a coaching session, is that people may be consuming more like 100 -175 grams of carbohydrates a day. Which is why they may not be losing the weight consistently.

There are varying ideas of what constitutes as a low carb plan.  Although 100-175 grams of carbs a day is still better than the average American diet of upwards 300 carbohydrates. However, this is not a true low carb diet, that range is not quite low enough.

Everyone’s body is different when it comes to getting into ketosis. However, the majority of us will need to stay under 30 carbs a day for maximum results. You will have to do some experimenting to see where your body likes to be for optimal health.

Do You Have A Fat Phobia?

The average person gets most of their calories from carbs, specifically from grains and sugar. When eating low carb you are basically removing carbs as your energy source. This is why it’s imperative that we replace it with good fats, to avoid starvation and muscle wastage.

The reality is that it takes a complete mind-shift to move from being fearful of fat, to embracing it as fuel. Habits die hard. Which is why some low carbers make the mistake of trying to eat both low fat and low carb. You either stay trying to lose weight on a low fat diet, good luck with that! Or move completely to the low carb lane. You can’t dabble in both waters and see long-term results.

Science has now proven that there is no logical reason to fear fat. The key is to have healthy saturated fats, and those rich in monounsaturated. That means your Omega-3 oils, real butter, coconut and olive oils. Steer clear away from man made oils like canola and vegetable oils and the dreaded trans-fats found in processed foods.

According to Dr. Jeff S. Volek a Registered Dietitian and Dr. Stephen D. Phinney a medical doctor, our fat intake should be around 70% of our total calories, if we want a true ketogenic diet. When we consume a greater amount a fat we naturally eat less because we are more satiated. Fat is a key to eliminating cravings, especially sugar ones.

Monitor Your Protein

Having enough protein is important in our diet, especially when trying to lose weight since it’s a vital building block to gaining muscle. Yet a common mistake among low-carbers, is to eat way too much of it.  Eating low carb is not an excuse to binge on your favorite proteins. When you consume more than your body actually needs, some of the amino acids in the protein end up turning into glucose, which turns into stored fat. This is exactly what your are trying to avoid.

Eating too much protein will not allow your body to go into complete ketosis. You risk plateauing or gaining weight when your protein levels are high. Keep your protein levels within healthy limits by determining how much you actually need based on your activity level. This means that people who are physically more active have higher protein requirements than those who have a more sedentary lifestyle.  For an accurate protein count that fits you, consider using a keto-app.

Lastly, are you not experiencing the weight loss you were hoping for on a low carb plan? Perhaps, you need a supplement to help you get into ketosis easier. Allow us to introduce to you a KETO//OS  a supplement that is helping many stay on track effortlessly. Why? because this new technology allows you to consume ketones. So now you can take a supplement that can put you into therapeutic ketosis. Oh how I wish we had this when we first began. It could have avoided the dreaded keto-flu.

Watch this 4 minute explainer video to understand the science behind why it works. Consider placing your order here. Doing so helps us offset the cost of running this blog.

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Randy’s dramatic health transformation. He was able to lose 82 pounds and regain his health using this lifestyle.






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