Patience, Something We All Want It Now!

Patience we all want it now

Patience, can we agree it’s something we can all use a little more of?  Living in a world where many things come instantly, practicing patience can be a challenge at times.

This is particularly true when it comes to weight loss issues. Unfortunately, we want to see immediate results. For some reason when we decide to lose weight a sense of urgency can overtake us. The idea that it’s a process and that it takes time for our body to catch up, becomes almost unbearable.

With the start of a new week comes a renewed determination. We stock our fridge with healthy low carb options, get a pair of running shoes and two days in we want to see results. When we don’t get the instant changes we desire, we quickly become discouraged. What’s worse we may decide to give up entirely if a slip up occurs.

Too often we make a goal to lose weight for an upcoming event, a holiday, or that special wedding invitation. The resolve to lose the weight by a certain deadline becomes our priority. What happens when we get on the scale and it barely shows progress? Do we decide to throw in the towel? It’s easy to tell ourselves, “I promise next week I will start for real.”

What’s wrong with all these scenarios? Impatience. Not accepting the fact that weight loss has to be seen as a healthy lifetime decision, not an event with a deadline. The hopelessness that comes when we want to lose weight urgently and then fail to do so, is no way to live.

Personally, I have been on a journey to get my body back in shape after living for years with chronic pain. Here’s the thing, I can’t expect for muscles that were once wasted due to Guillan Barre Syndrome, to become strong and sculpted overnight.

The truth is It will take time. It will be difficult, and at times even painful. Yet, I understand that this is not a sprint and that all the hard work will be worth it. Am I seeing changes in my body? Yes. Is it as fast as I would love? No. You can’t rush the process.

I quickly learned that if I was going to allow God to fully restore my health, then I had to surrender to His timing. I had to accept that He would do His part, as I committed to taking care of my temple.

I now understand that the process has been as important, as the desired results. If I want long-term effects, I need to develop long-term disciplines. I am on a journey to create healthy habits that are becoming automatic.

I am here to encourage you. To let you know that it can be done. The key is to stay the course. Who wouldn’t love instant results? Frankly, there have been times that God has done a quick work in regards to my health and I am grateful. But for the most part, I have learned that the Lord will not do anything for me, that I can do for myself. Why? Because God is far more interested in our character. Good disciplines lead to integrity. Learning to wait and embrace where you are on your health journey, is crucial.

You may not be hitting all your goals yet, but understanding the importance of patiently waiting, while you stay committed will lead to sustained results. Isn’t this what we truly desire? Make each day count and remember to celebrate every win along the way.  Whatever you do, don’t quit! Quitting can never be an option.

Perhaps it’s time for you to consider hiring a life coach that can assist you in reaching your goals effectively.





3 thoughts on “Patience, Something We All Want It Now!

  1. Mike Beaumont says:

    Patience. Yes, too often we forget that like anything it takes time. We all want that instant satisfaction but don’t stop to realize that we didn’t accumulate that weight overnight so why expect to lose it that way?! We also need to be smart enough to the right way to lose the weight so as to not sacrifice our lean muscle that is vital to healthy functions. I prefer to refer to it as fatloss not weight loss because it’s the fat we so desperately need to get rid of. Thanks for reminding us all that it’s a labor of love and will take time.

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