Does Our Mindset Affect Our Eating?

Does your mindset affect your eating?

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you would know what a great fan I am of Dr. Caroline Leaf. With over thirty years of experience as a neuroscientist studying the effects of our thoughts, her vast body of work has been a huge blessing to many. She is a true genius when it comes explaining the science behind our thought-life and its enormous ramifications.

Dr. Leaf has written several books and she does a wonderful job explaining the complexity of our thoughts and how they affect us. One of my favorites is her best seller SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN. This book in particular changed the way I approach my thoughts and helped me understand the vital importance of keeping them to the obedience of Christ, 2 Corinthians 10:5.

Such was the influence this book had on me, that I was compelled to teach a couple of classes to our church women’s group. I literally read this book five times in a row, a new record for me. My poor family and friends had to endure my constant “sit down you need to listen to this” as I read passage after passage to them. I was on a knowledge high for weeks, ok maybe months. I just could not contain my enthusiasm.

Recently, she came out with another fantastic book, that for obvious reasons is quickly becoming another favorite of mine. THINK AND EAT YOURSELF SMART. In this her latest book, she explains how scientists are beginning to understand how our thinking has vast consequences to our eating.

Our food choices are tied deeply to our thought-life which in turn affects our brain, and overall health. Dr. Leaf details how eating mindfully and the way we think before, during and afterwards is key in giving our bodies the correct nutrition it craves. She goes on to explain that eating is 80% of our thinking. Of course this truth resonates deeply with me, as I have witnessed this correlation firsthand with our FITTOSERVEGROUP community and personally in my own family.

What is unique about Dr. Caroline Leaf is how beautifully she ties her scientific research with biblical insights. Her deep faith as a Christian has served to further enhance her scientific background and I can’t tell you how thoroughly encouraging this is! Biblical passages come to life and therefore become easier to apply, because of her wonderful research.

In case you’re wondering this is not an affiliate post. I am just genuinely eager to share with you the gift of Dr. Leaf. It is my hope that you will discover her work for yourself and that it will further assist you on your journey to being whole in spirit, mind and body.

For more information regarding Dr. Caroline Leaf, visit her website.  In it you will find videos, TED talks and many other great resources.

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