Keto Pot Roast For Dinner!

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Pickled Pot Roast

Ahhh, the aroma of a pot roast cooking in a slow cooker just can’t be beat! Don’t get me wrong it’s lovely to walk into a home where a candle’s fragrance has permeated the room. However, in my book nothing says welcome home like the aroma of food that has been lovingly cooked for hours.

Slow cookers make cooking a dream, they’re especially nice for busy days. Using one certainly makes it easier to cook low carb meals. I feel that planning your meals when on a low carb diet is a great way to ensure success. There are times I prefer using my slow-cooker at night, then in the morning all I have to do is set it to warm. Dinner will then be waiting for us. I will warn you that the smell of food cooking in your crock pot at night may interrupt your sleep.

I must admit that I didn’t always love cooking in a crock pot. In fact, I thought everything basically tasted boiled and bland. That of course was before I understood how to harness the power of this kitchen marvel. When my mother-in-love passed away, I was given her crockpot, prior to her passing I rarely used a slow cooker. In fact, mine lay dormant for decades. It’s only been in the past few years, that I’ve learned to embrace this kitchen marvel. Today, I treasure this little gem and the beautiful memories it evokes.

A vital key I learned was to make sure and brown my protein before putting it in the pot. This is the best way to ensure the most flavor when using a slow cooker. Browning your meats deepens flavors and allows for a more complex dish to develop, it’s so worth the extra step. Otherwise you may be disappointed with the end result.

This simple pot roast recipe is for those who love pickles. Pickles? Just hear me out, if you are a lover of pickles you will love this German style recipe. It is rich in flavor and deliciously simple.

Pickled Keto Pot Roast


2 lbs. pot roast

1 small chopped onion

1 large bottle of dill pickle juice

4 pickle spears sliced

2 jalapenos (seeded) totally optional but a delicious addition.

Salt and pepper to taste

Coconut Oil (to brown pot roast)


Brown your seasoned pot roast on a hot skillet until fully browned on all sides.  Then place your pot roast into the slow cooker with the pickle juice, pickles, and jalapenos. Cook on low and let the crockpot do its magic.

Serve with mixed cooked vegetables. Enjoy in good health!

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