Let Food Be Your Medicine

Let food be your medicine

Meet Alice who after serving her community for approximatly 25 years as a registered nurse, can candidly share her point of view. Alice has been eating a low carb, ketogenic diet for the past six months and is part of our Fittoserve Community. Encouraged by the increase in health she has personally experienced, she has become a vocal advocate for this way of eating.  May her words of wisdom inspire you to take the necessary steps towards healthy living.

Guest Post

Since the time of Hippocrates, it has been recognized that the symptoms of most diseases represent the efforts of the body to eliminate toxins. Toxins can be found in our environment, our foods, our medicine, and our supplements. All of which can be identified and resolved.

Our doctors have been trained to assess, diagnose, and treat in accordance with a plan of care which often includes the use of pharmaceuticals. Some of which have disastrous consequences. A medical approach which addresses illness over wellness.

For example, an established concept in providing gerontological care is to prescribe the least amount of drugs in the lowest therapeutic dose. Yet many thousands of hip fractures a year are related to prescription drugs that leave the elderly sedated, confused, unbalanced, and at risk for falls.

When a hip fracture occurs and a replacement ensues, a person must walk with a cane or walker for security purposes. Their compromised agility can result in certain muscle atrophy, possibly creating an inability to independently provide their necessary activities of daily living. One can see the cost of health care increasing and, God forbid, the patient’s retirement funds decreasing and/or disappearing.

Current research has confirmed that inflammation is a factor in disease. And I am personally convinced that the appropriate diet and lifestyle may resolve healthcare issues, while negating drug induced complications and harm.

Written by Alice Wilder, BSN, RNC, LHRM retired

Fittoserve group contributer

Alice Wilder, BSN, RNC, LHRM retired

Guess Hippocrates was right…

It’s all about food, lifestyle, and doing no harm.

“Above all, do no harm”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”



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