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Running On Fat, What’s Your Super Power?


He’s been running for less than two years, yet he now has a runner’s blood pressure of 117 over 70, with a resting heart rate of only 47. What’s remarkable is that just three years ago he had to take medication to control his over the top hypertension.

Exactly how did this happen? What brought about such a dramatic change? Having struggled most of his adult life with health issues related to being overweight, his inability to make lasting changes caused a compete dissonance. Randy’s words were simply not matching his actions. Things finally clicked for him once he confronted this issue head on.

How did he build a bridge between what he desired and true change? It began with a complete paradigm shift in his thinking.  Low-fat diets had always failed him and were impossible for him to maintain. Out went all his pre-conceived ideas regarding healthy eating and with it came a new and improved way of eating.

What was Randy’s secret to losing 70 pounds, reversing his diabetes 2, removing fatty liver disease, and normalizing his blood pressure? He credits his transformation to his faith and making low carb eating a lifestyle. “You must renew your mind and see yourself at your ideal weight.”  “Then you need to back up your faith with works that demonstrate it.” Prior to this shift, Randy was basically a ticking time bomb. He had all the makings of a health crisis waiting to implode. I can’t tell you the times I feared a sudden heart attack would take him away from us.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix. The responsibility to take care of our bodies lies squarely on our own shoulders. Until we understand this, true transformation cannot really occur.

Sadly, the U.S nutritional guidelines continue to support the idea that carbohydrates are required for life and health. The American Diabetes Association dietary guidelines, urge Americans, with or without diabetes, to get at least 130 grams of carbohydrates per day to provide the necessary nutrition for our brains. Despite the fact that science does not back up the claim that carbohydrates are an essential nutrient, many still choose to believe what they have grown accustomed to.

History has clearly demonstrated that humans have survived without dietary carbohydrates for years.  We are more than capable of using either glucose or ketones for fuel with no adverse consequences. We see how studies demonstrate a high ability to burn fatty acids and ketones, as opposed to glucose as fuel, and with great benefits.

When people become fat-adapted they see significant reductions in blood serum insulin, triglycerides, leptin. This was exactly what Randy’s primary doctor encountered. This necessitated the removal of Randy’s medications and reversing all his prior diagnosis.

When a person  struggling with health issues begins eating a low carb, ketogenic diet they see a reduction in inflammation. This state of lower inflammation is what allows our bodies to heal naturally.

Today, the lessons Randy and I both learned eating a low carb diet not only transformed our health, but it’s helping others do the same.

So what’s stopping you from living your best life? Are you determined to keep doing what hasn’t worked? Make a true transformation and begin changing the way you think of nutrition and reap the benefits in your life today.

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