Use Your Leftovers Like A Boss!



Am I the only one that has struggled to embrace leftovers? For years, it baffled me how some people could recreate a completely new dish from using them. It’s not necessarily the idea of eating leftovers that caused me to avoid them. It was more an irrational fear I had developed. I think my apprehension came from the constant drilling I received from my mom growing up. She really made it a point to teach us to store the food quickly or better yet just don’t save for later. Let’s just say she was a little over zealous about making sure we never ate spoiled food.

Funny thing is I then raised my own children to do the same. Neither of my children like the idea of leftovers, and whose fault is that? Yup, my own. Not a very wise thing to instill in your children when time is a factor.

I used to always make it a point to cook in such a way, that I rarely had leftovers. Well, I haven’t been that girl in a long time. In fact, ever since we made eating a low carb keto diet a lifestyle, I now find myself intentionally cooking to have more leftovers. For example, if I am already needing to use the oven to cook some chicken, why not go ahead and add another’s day worth. It just makes sense when to cook once and eat twice in today’s busy world.

Ok, so here’s the thing, I must admit I still have some work in this department. Because the idea of forgotten food in my fridge just irritates me to no end and still causes me a bit of anxiety. I am after all the one that is responsible to then get rid of lost mystery items in there. Which is not exactly my idea of a pastime.

My solution? Use the leftovers in a creative way the very next day or clearly label and freeze. However, because the freezer can also become a dark hole for leftovers taking up valuable space, I aim to use those quickly too. If not? Well, I end up tossing them. I know, I know, but I told you I am a work in progress.

The other issue in using leftovers, is that if I am going to do so, the dish needs to be simple. Otherwise what’s the point? After all the biggest benefit of leftovers is the time it saves. The recipe I am sharing uses, cauliflower rice, and it has a Costa Rican flare. By adding leftover roasted chicken and some sautéed mushrooms, I was able to create a lovely new meal simply.

Low Carb Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice recipe

  1. Add 1 cup of sautéed mushrooms to my cauliflower rice recipe

2.Half of a whole leftover roasted chicken that has been deboned and finely chopped.

  1. Garnish with extra cilantro and lime slices

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