If you want to achieve your goals, you gotta have a plan! 

It’s funny how most people have no problem planning vacations, career moves, and even for a rainy day, yet when it comes to their health it takes a backseat. Honestly, what’s the value in planning our lives if we then don’t have the health to enjoy it?

Perhaps the hesitation is not knowing where to begin. Or maybe it’s simply difficult to break old eating habits. All the more reason why planning needs to play a large role for greater health.

mid-year goal planning

We are now halfway through the year so it’s a good time to evaluate your health goals. Let’s not focus on possible New Year resolutions that never made it past the post-its stage. Why not take the necessary steps to get back on track by creating a stellar plan?

I personally am a big believer in goal-setting. When I take the time to write down detailed goals I am more likely to succeed, when I don’t I rarely see lasting results. Apparently, this must be one of the reasons God encourages us to write our vision down and make it plain. Habakkuk 2:2-3.

Our vision may be in the future, but when we keep it before our eyes it puts it in the present, it reminds us to keep working towards it. When we are prompted by a clear vision of what we want to accomplish, it propels us into success.

I use a combination of things to remind me of my goals. I create a vision wall and S.M.A.R.T goals, to help keep the vision plainly before my eyes. I find that some tweaking needs to take place to keep the vision fresh at the midway point of the year.  I freshen up my vision wall with new pictures because I can become so accustomed to what’s posted on a wall that it no longer catches my attention. Adding Bible verses to my vision/goals also ensures that I keep God in the picture. Nothing like the word of God to encourage me to stay committed.

Not sure where to begin in evaluating your health goals or setting new ones? The following questions can help you review the first half of the year and start the process of creating new goals for the reminder.

  1. Accomplishments What are some health goals that I have been able to succeed in during the past six months? What goals did I achieve? Which of my goals did I come close to meeting?
  2. Setbacks What mistakes did I make? Where there mistakes I could have avoided?
  3. Learning What mistakes provided me with learning opportunities? Of the goals I came close to meeting, what can I do differently to ensure I achieve them? How can I learn more about getting healthy? Are there certain resources I need to take advantage of to assist me on my journey to wellness? What were the things I learned most about myself?

 Moving Forward  

  1. What are my top three health goals for the remainder of the year?

Goal 1:______________________________________________

Goal 2:______________________________________________

Goal 3:______________________________________________

  1. Why are these three health goals important to me? Who can help keep me accountable to achieving them?
  1. What strategies am I going to put in place the 2nd half of the year to ensure I finish strong?

What about you? Are you happy with your health goals so far this year? Is it time to take inventory and revisit them? I invite you to plan for your success by setting goals for the reminder of the year.

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